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CCD End of Year Party

Today was our CCD catechists’ “End of Year Party” at Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant.  There were more than 30 people including catechists, families, Msgr Strano & Deacon Lou.  Since I’ve been a 7th grade Confirmation catechist for almost 15 years, CCD celebrations have always been great, and this was no exception.

It was my first opportunity to officially mention my acceptance to the seminary.  Although I have been seriously discerning the priesthood over the past year, I only shared with a few close family, friends & pastor.  So, I’m sure it came as a surprise to most.  Why did I wait so long to share?  Because I wanted to delay the “freak show” as much as possible.  People start looking at you differently and reactions vary from “instant canonization” to “I knew there was something weird about him.”

The reactions from the handful of people I told was very supportive.  In some cases, as I expected, the news was mixed with disappointment, realizing I wouldn’t be as active in CCD or youth group (which was just starting to gain momentum with possibly starting LifeTeen).  It was bitter sweet.  But, by far, the support and encouragement was heartfelt and humbling.  Without my parish family I wouldn’t have heard “the call” and without them I don’t think I’ll be able to respond fully to it.  I will continue to pray for them, knowing many have, and will continue to, prayed for me. 

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