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Sales CircularThis website, SalesCircular.com, compiles all advertised sales papers by state and catagory. It lists computer hardware, software, car electronics, audio & video, major & small appliances, cell phones and FREE stuff (with rebates). It’s definitely a good link to have. I hope it saves you money, too.

Ave Maria FundsAve Maria Funds are mutual funds invested in companies that have Catholic values. I hear good things about them, but haven’t researched them yet. Check them out.

Love of Money — here is one of my blog posts about what St Maximus had to say about the “love of money

  1. February 7, 2008 at 12:34 pm


    If, as St. Maximus indicates, the love of money is, among other things, a sign of lack of faith, how does one then rationalize the Ave Maria Mutual Funds group? I suppose one could argue that they are the financial administrators Maximus references, but my experience has been that modern-day financial organizations are more about profit than distribution.

    Further, it seems, to me, un-Christlike, if not un-Christian, to eliminate from consideration companies based on what might be a superficial analysis. I do not embrace pornography or abortion, yet it seems that nearly every corporate entity on the planet has at least an indirect connection with same. It is an unavoidable fact of modern business life. Where and how is that thin line drawn…and how does this make us better by drawing it?

    I am an old Catholic, continuously struggling with the idea of what I should be about and where that puts me in relation to the people and places around me. As time passes, I find it increasingly difficult to judge. I readily conceded that I might be wrong, but I worry that inclusion has become a lost element of many faiths, including our own.

    Love comes first…and always. The rest, to paraphrase Pound, is dross.

    You have an engaging site. Best wishes on your discernment journey.

    GF Korreck

  2. February 8, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    As Catholics, we’re called to be faithful to the Gospel in ALL that we do, including how we invest our money. Finding companies to invest in is difficult, indeed, for the reasons you noted. We constantly need to be informed about what our money supports and I think that’s why mutual funds like Ave Maria Funds help those who want to provide financial stability to themselves and families while being faithful Catholics who are too busy or ill-equipt to keep companies accountable.

    I think the tone of your message would reflect my own approach of “balance.” Your struggle is a health indicator that you truely do care to be faithful in a secular world full of (financial) temptations.

    I would say, do the best you can with the information you have and, prayerfully, use the blessings that the Lord has entrusted you with to keep yourself (and family) healthy spiritually, and even financially.

    Yours in Christ. Be holy.

  3. Steve
    June 28, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    I checked out the Ave Maria Mutual Funds out of curiosity. I’m a Protestant chaplain in the military and have done quite a bit of studying recently on investing.

    Most of the funds in the Ave Maria family looked fairly decent in terms of return. The only caution I would have for any of your readers would be the expense fees. I try to find funds with expense fees less than 1%, closer to 0.5% if possible. However, I confess that I have never looked at the funds that are screened for social issues. I read or saw a report perhaps on FoxNews that talked about how well social funds geared to Jewish issues were doing.

    Another place to check out is http://www.socialfunds.com but their expense fees are about the same.

    May God continue to grant you joy and strength in your journey!

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