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1st sem grades

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment

Stephen King's The MistToday I received my grades for my first semester in St John Vianney College Seminary:

Arts & Ideas – (Fr Vallee) — B
Ancient Philosophy – (Fr Santos) — B+
Modern Philosophy – (Fr Santos) — B
Ministerial Methods – (Fr Michael) — A
Intermediate Spanish – (Dr Jimenez) — B
Intro to Old Testament – (Fr Michael) — A

DOTS — Stephen King’s The Mist [PF]

2 exams + semester evaluation

December 12, 2007 Leave a comment

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — 36 multiple choice questions.  (found out later — 2 wrong 94%)

ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — 5 essay questions.  (found out later — 93%)

SPANISH STUDY SESSION – (Dr Jimenez) — we had a great EXTRA review session with our professor.

Approved (for now)SEMESTER EVALUATION — at the end of each semester, each seminarian is given a written evaluation (with an interview).  Mine went very well.   What was observed:  I’m open and engaged in formation, quiet, mature, willing to serve others, responsible and diligent in academics and house duties.  What I need to work on:  share my gifts more confidently within the seminary community.  Final recommendation:  I should continue in the program of priestly formation.  — It wasn’t nearly as scary as some veterans made it out to be.

masculinity + Mexican food nite + garden Mass + floss

November 27, 2007 Leave a comment

SPANISH – (Dr Jimenez) — chapter 14 vocab dictation test

MIAMI VOCATION – (Fr Manny) — check-up interview with my vocation director.

Mexican food nightOLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — Wisdom literature & Old Testament Masculinity to reflect on.  Males: Warrior – Moses // Prophet – Jeremiah (lie detector) // Trickster – Jonah.  Male Independence + Autonomy: Wildman – Elijah // Pilgrim – Abraham.  Male Vulnerability: Healer – Elisha.  Masculine Responsibility: The Patriarch – Abraham // The King – Solomon.

Garden MassCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today’s theme was Mexican Food Night.  — we tried to stick with the theme and avoid drinking the water

GARDEN MASS – (Fr Michael) — 9pm to change from the “routine” … “calm storm” … hit by wave … firefighter hat

DOTS — Aristotle study group — floss run

leaking bucket + Hosea + Cuban food

November 13, 2007 3 comments

morning rainbowMASS – (Fr Joseph) — Story of the “Leaking Bucket” … water flowers on path … just do what you’re asked to do.

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — we continued discussion on Major & Minor Prophets … then started Wisdom literature.  I also turned in my “Bio-Poem” on the minor prophet Hosea:

Israelite, prophet, husband, & father
Brother to Divine Empathy
Loves God, Israel, & Gomer
Who feels passionate, wounded, & righteous indignation
Who needs a family counselor, spiritual direction, & a “chillaxin” pill
Who fears self-righteousness, separation, & complacency
Who gives admonition, fidelity, & forgiveness
Who craves faithfulness, reunion, & restoration
Resident of (Northern) Israel
The Prophet

Cuban food nightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today was Cuban Food Night.  — Great eating!

DOTS — morning rainbow — lead evening prayer — The UnitCane

bio-poem + Chinese food nite

November 6, 2007 1 comment

Chinese Food NightOLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — discussed Major Prophets and practiced writing a Bio-Poem.

CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today was Chinese Food Night. — Great eating, even for the “Mail Men”!

DISCERNMENT GROUP – (Fr Manny) — a few of us Miami guys joined the monthly Miami Vocations Discernment Group on campus led by Miami Vocation Director Fr Manny Alvarez.  Today was mostly older guys … great group of guys!

sister visit

October 23, 2007 1 comment

SPANISH – (Dr Jimenez) — I don’t know how I got an 88% on the chapter 12 test, but I’ll take whatever I can get to keep my head above aqua.

Old Testament classOLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — we reviewed previous material and covered Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy.

SISTER VISIT — since my sister was in town visiting, she came by the seminary and spent time with all the seminarians for Evening Prayer (Vespers) and Dinner (“Savannah, Georgia Night“).  Coldstone’s Ice Creamery for desert!

Italian food night

Italian food nightItalian food nightOLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — Mid-term exam.  2 wrong.  88%.

 CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — Today was “Italian Food Night.”  We had tasty pasta, garlic bread, lamb and for dessert, so kind of donuts in a bag of powdered sugar (I forgot the name).  — Great food!

TV — “The Unit” & “Cane”

Talledega food night

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — reviewed our test (83%).  Covered “Pentateuchal Traditions” (JEDP) and “Genesis.”

Talledega food nightTalledega food nightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today was “Talledega” food night with some suthurn cookin’.  We all got so excited about the AWESOME cornbread and fried chicken, I forgot to take a picture before eating.

Matrix acolyte + Vietnamese food + choir tryouts

September 25, 2007 1 comment

Seminarian alter serverMASS – (Fr Joseph) — the homily story was the “2 brothers’ grain exchange,” but more importantly (to me), today was my first time serving as Acolyte.  I haven’t been an alter server at Mass since 6th grade 20 years ago … so I was nervous.  Since I didn’t have a cassock & surplice, one of my seminarian brother gave me an extra cassock (black robe) he had and I borrowed a surplice (white top) from another brother.

Matrix Neo dodging bulletsHere’s what I can remember (that I haven’t repressed): everything went well, until I presented Fr Joseph with the water & wineI forgot to take the tops off! … and had to fumble around on the alter to get them open (--I don’t know how my heart restarted).  If that’s not enough … after the Eucharistic prayer, when I tried (important distinction) to get up from kneeling, I forgot to pull up my cassock, slipped (repeatedly) and fell back like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix.  I thought everyone saw me, but later found out few noticed.  —learning the hard way. 

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — our first test was 36 multiple choice questions.  I know I missed the 3 about names of specific Vatican documents (– didn’t see those coming).  Then we covered various Biblical translations and the history of our Canonical books of Scripture.

Vietnamese Food NightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — Today was “Vietnamese Food Night”  — with some Vietnamese carrot cake for dessert?

CHOIR TRYOUT — all new guys were required to tryout for “Escoela,” the choir that practices on Wednesday nights and sings at Sunday Mass and special events.  —la-la-lA-LA-LA   [I didn’t make it — found out Wed morning — ok by me]

TV — watched the season opener of “The Unit

pray – volleyball – 1bro

September 11, 2007 1 comment

volleyballMASS – (Fr Vallee) — today’s Gospel was Jesus calling the 12 Apostles.  The point of reflection was that we need to “go off and pray” to spend time with our Lord on a regular basis.  [-1 bro C]

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — we covered a general Biblical timeline and geography of the area.

VOLLEYBALL — today, we canceled basketball to play day 2 of volleyball.  — great turnout and great time.

300 – refuse external trappings

September 4, 2007 2 comments

MASS – (Fr Santos) — Leonidas and Xerxes discuss surrenderIn today’s readings, Jesus speaks with “authority” to both preach and heal.  Fr Santos (in his first Mass at SJV) began his homily by using the movie 300 to stand firm in beliefs and not be dependent on outside influences.  He used the scene where Xerxes (Persians king) offers Leonidas (Spartans) money and power to surrender.  Leonidas stood for principles of country, honor & his people — he refused external trappings.  The Greek word for “authority” is “exusia” and means “from within your own being” which Jesus did everything by (as opposed to Rabbis and prophets who prefaced what they said with footnotes).  In seminary, we’re call to focus on our own individual call (from within) to preach and heal with the “authority” of the true priesthood found in Christ Jesus.  — I pay attention to any point made using a cool movie.

SPANISH 2 – (Dr Jimenez) — If “failo” means “to fail,” then I “failo” the test (needs past PRETERITE form – which I don’t know either) of the first 11 chapters of our spanish book (which was taught in Spanish 1).  I over-studied last night to the point it all mixed into zero usability.  Of all my classes this semester, I will need to put extra effort into Spanish.

tuna burgerLUNCH — we had tuna burgers.  I’ve never heard of one and took a picture.   — it was good

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — we learned methods of studying Scripture — Fundamentalist, Historical-Critical, Human Sciences, and Contextual approaches.  Need to read chapters 3 & 4 for next week.

EVENING PRAYER — a major lightning strike (nearest to me nonetheless) in the middle of prayer scared the life out of all of us.

VIRUS ATTACK — as I’m writing this post, my computer got attacked by a virus on my Shared Documents folder.  — 2 scares in the same day.      

Spanish 2 – Intro to OT

Vistas (Spanish textbook)SPANISH 2 – (Dr Jimenez) — from the moment he walked in, the professor spoke Spanish to us for nearly 45 minutes straight, asking question and having us each answer.  I looked around and everyone seemed calm, while I was clicking my heals to “There’s no place like Spanish 1.”  When he finally spoke English and assured us we’d review over the next few classes, my heartrate dropped.  — I need to start reviewing TODAY.

Reading the Old TestamentINTRO to OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — our class size is so big (30+) that we meet in the library.  We covered “Questioning Skills” (Bloom’s Taxonomy), “What is the Bible?”, “Senses of Scripture” and Letio Divina.  It’s all of stuff because it’s a 2.5 hour class only once a week.  Thank goodness the PowerPoint presentation will be available for us, ‘cuz I can’t write very fast.  I asked a question about using paraphrase Bibles, like “The Message” (that Protestants like a lot) and, as I expected, we shouldn’t use them for Scripture study nor Lectio Divina — since it seriously compromises the “literal sense” of Scripture.  — how ironic that Protestants (who claim “sola scriptura“) would use a “paraphrase” Bible as their point of reference.

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