Here are some links about Catholic vocations:

General Vocations links:

VISION Vocation Network for Catholic Vocations — has … 

Religious Ministries — for Catholic men and women.

USCCB Vocations & Priestly Formation — has “Fishers of Men” video, …

College Students’ Vocation Survey — every tenth entry wins a prize.

Seminary links:

(FL) Miami – St John Vianney College Seminary – minor seminary

(FL) Boyton Beach – St Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary – major seminary

Other US Catholic seminariesWikipedia links | other listing

(Rome) Pontifical North American College (the NAC) — for the elite

Pontifical North American College seminary in Vatican, Rome

Vocations in Florida:

(FL) Archdiocese of MiamiMiamiVocations.com — has Events | Blog | Seminarians | Priests | Contacts

(FL) Diocese of Orlando — has Vocations | Vocations Video | 8 Ways to Encourage Vocations | Today’s Priests | Links to other Religious Orders | Religious Communities of Men | Representation of Women Religious in the Diocese | Seminarians & Articles.

(FL) Diocese of Palm Beach — has Vocations | videos

(FL) Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee — has Vocations | Priest | Deacons | Sisters | Brothers | Seminarians.

(FL) Diocese of St Augustine — has Vocation office (with creative posters) | Seminarians | How to ApplyFAQ about Priesthood | Qualities of a Priest | Vocation Retreats | Vocation Calendar.

(FL) Diocese of St Petersburg — has Vocations | Seminarians | Vocation FAQParent Guide | Parent FAQ | Family Resources | Vocation Team ResourcesDiscernment Opportunities | more Links | … & more.

(FL) Diocese of Venice — has Vocations

Vocations in other States:

(IL) Diocese of JolietVocations.com — has videos, religious men directory, religious women directory, seminarians, FAQ, and more

  1. August 27, 2008 at 11:28 am

    I’m a theologian in Austria, who will be entering the seminary in Vienna, and hope to be ordained a deacon in two years.

    Would you consider adding a link either to my main web page at http://www.pathsoflove.com or my blog on this website?

    Both are about vocation. The website as a whole presents part of the book “Paths of Love”, other texts or compilations from the Fathers, Doctors, and Popes on vocation, and the blog will be for general commentary and/or discussion on vocation.

    Naturally you might want to read through some of the material before linking. 🙂

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