Tenebrae wonder and awe?

I caught our 3 Stooges mesmerized by a chanted Tenebrae service in perfect formation on the couch. Is it all the candles or the chanting? Maybe they’ve been meowing in Latin all this time? I am late to recognize many Cat-holic things in my life.

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Week 2 @ SSPX Traditional Latin Mass

February 9, 2020 Leave a comment

Week 2 at traditional Latin Mass at Our Lady of Victory, SSPX parish in Davie. Their announcements mentioned that here & their Miami sister parish are growing. Throat blessing after Mass as well. St. Blaise, pray for us. A rooster called out my arriving lateness & double-parking job.

My 1st SSPX Latin Mass, with Candlelight service

February 2, 2020 Leave a comment

My first time at an SSPX 7:30am Mass @ Our Lady of Victory Catholic Chapel. Traditional Latin Mass with a Candlelight service to celebrate the Presentation of Jesus & Purification of Mary in the Temple. Mass began with blessing of candles & procession AROUND THE BLOCK near Griffin Road & Davie Rd Exit. Very reverent procession and Mass. Appropriate homily and no jokes. Just Jesus, salvation history, grace and Mary. Feel very blessed. (and Denny’s after 🙂

Watch “Bishop Barron on “Bird Box”” on YouTube

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Watch “NEWS UPDATE: Fr. Mark Goring vs. Fr. James Martin” on YouTube

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Watch “This might get me fired – Fr. Mark Goring, CC” on YouTube

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Watch “Plague in Priesthood: Vigano vs. Lavender Mafia” on YouTube

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