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Arby’s + Wonder Woman + Ph.D

November 28, 2009 2 comments

Avoiding “Black Friday,” I ventured out with friends shopping on Saturday.  Not much better, I think.

During lunch at Arby’s, I put together this “kid’s toy” that said age 3+.  Probably the worst kid’s toy EVER!  Even with 2 bachelor’s degrees, I had difficult putting this 15 piece paper-cutout of a “bobble head Wonder Woman.” She didn’t last long after her completion either.

Thanksgiving “Attitude of Gratitude” prayer

November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as I did, with family & friends!

Attitude of Gratitude (prayer)
Dear Lord, we come to You today
With a humble attitude.
For all you give, our hearts are full
Of love and gratitude.Thank you for this special time
To offer our Thanksgiving.
Thank you for this food, and for
The blessed lives we’re living.
In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen
—By Joanna Fuchs

chocolate chip cake

091005-1951_chocolate-chip-cakeChocolate Chip Cakeone of Mom’s masterpieces!

Vocation talks @ AMHS

February 24, 2009 1 comment

09-02-24_amhs-vocation-talks-3Yesterday (Monday) and today, we did “Vocation Talks” at Catholic high schools.  I, along with Nick and Fenley, spent the day at Archbishop McCarthy High School (AMHS) giving talks in theology classes about the vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life … mainly our personal testimonies of how we came to be in seminary.  There are about a dozen other seminary brothers doing the same thing at other Catholic high schools throughout the Archdiocese of Miami … all in an effort to promote Vocations.

09-02-23_amhs-vocation-talks-1The day was GREAT!  We were well received by all students and teachers with some excellent questions about vocations ranging from general to personal questions on our own discernment journey.  Each of us did about 8 to 10 talks throughout the day … I did fewer than the others cuz I spoke over my 10 to 15 minutes … 🙂 … but we eventually covered all students of the school over the two day period.

09-02-24_amhs-vocation-talks-5We started the day off with Mass with Fr Chris Bartos.  Fairly new to giving our vocation testimonies, we were a bit nervous about sharing out life journeys, but managed to connect with the teenagers very quickly.  The questions ranged from the simple (like “Can you still play paintball when you become a priest?” — my most common questions of the day) to the more challenging (like “How do you know where you’ll be assigned when you become a priest?” and “Why would someone choose to be a diocesen priest over a religious priest?”) to the super personal (like “Are you afraid you may want to get married after becoming a priest?”).  We could definitely feel the attention they gave toward Catholic vocations in their thought provoking questions and comments.

09-02-24_amhs-vocation-talks-6Thank you to the Serra Club for arranging the talks and the staff at Archbishop McCarthy High School for their great hospitality … with extra-special thanks to Fr Chris Bartos and the students who walked us around the beautiful campus as our “guides” each day [there were more than just in the pictures].  They all helped to make it an effective experience and lots of fun!  — Thanks again!

An AWESOME day full of graces, blessings and growth in the Kingdom of God!  — Lunch in their new cafeteria was awesome too … 🙂

best brownie @ AMHS

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment

09-02-24_amhs-mass-chapelThe last couple of day, I was with a couple seminarian brother doing vocation testimonies about our journey to the seminary at Archbishop McCarthy High School (AMHS). I’ll do another post about the actual talks, but wanted to post some pictures on the beautiful campus that I took walking around, most especially their new cafeteria.

Their chapel, in the center of the campus, has morning Mass everyday with Fr Chris Bartos @ 7:20am.  The chapel is absolutely beautiful [I posted more pictures of it during the summer when I was working with the summer school “Work Study Program”].

09-02-23_amhs-cafeteria-3Their cafeteria was just finished and opened back in September and has an amazing selection of “5 star” food [with some “5 star” prices … according to some kids], but is definitely a experience.  Subs, wraps, pizza, chicken, salads, desserts and lots more that I forgot.  Personally, I had their pizza one day and a turkey wrap the next … both delicious.  But what I will never forget … is the softest, moistest, chocolateyness, most delicious BROWNIE EVER!!

P.S. Sorry Nick … for catching you in all the pictures 🙂

09-02-23_amhs-cafeteria-1 09-02-24_amhs-cafeteria-2 09-02-24_amhs-cafeteria-3 09-02-23_amhs-cafeteria-4 09-02-24_amhs-cafeteria-1 09-02-23_amhs-cafeteria-2

Superbowl Party @ SJVC seminary

February 1, 2009 Leave a comment

090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-05SOCIAL — The Sophomore class was in charge of any AWESOME Superbowl Party.  Great game.  Great fellowship.  AWESOME FOOD (so much, I couldn’t take pictures of all if it … missed the chocolate bread pudding & ice cream).

At half-time, they brought out the killer casadias and chicken wings.  — “More Priests Less Pounds” diet is suspended tonight … in memory of all this food!

090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-03 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-07-burgers 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-08-pear-salad 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-10-hot-dogs 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-11 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-14-burger-hot-dog 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-15-casadias 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-16-casadias 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-17-wings 090201_sjvcs-superbowl-party-18

China Buffet II

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

090130_chinese-buffet-ii-1 090130_chinese-buffet-ii-2 090130_chinese-buffet-ii-5 090130_chinese-buffet-ii-3

Vietnamese food night

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today was Vietnamese food night.  Egg rolls, spring rolls, multiple sauses and more.  Great food!


breakfast worth posting

September 5, 2008 2 comments

Today started with a Friday breakfast worth post!

Talladega food night

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment

CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — Our seminary tradition of Tuesday Cultural Food Night has started up again this year with Talladega Food Night.  Some great redneck culture with BBQ chicken, cornbread, potato salad, coleslaw, fried onions, fried mushrooms and peach cobbler for dessert.  — country music for mood, of course!


Rhode Island food night

Rhode Island cultural food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today was Rhode Island food night with lots of shell food … clams, muscles, clam chowder, and the best part … SWEET ICED TEA with LEMON … delicious!
Rhode Island cultural food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL Rhode Island cultural food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL 

Ben’s midnight pancakes

Ben\'s midnight pancakes @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLAn occasional tradition in the house that we’re all gonna miss since Ben is graduating and moving onto major seminary at St Vincent DePaul Seminary in Boyton Beach next year.  — great pancakes

Mid-West food night

ribs & steak @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — this Tuesday was (American) Mid-West food night with ribs, steak, corn, potatoes and milk, with Buckeyes for desert.  Since I’m originally from Chicago, my limited cooking efforts were contributed.  Lots of work … lots of fun … lots of food (especially Buckeyes)!
cornhuskers @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL chopping tomatoes @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL making buckeyes @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL buckeye gone bad @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL ribs @ Mid West food night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL

blackout + Bohemian food night

February 26, 2008 1 comment

Bohemian Food Night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL Bohemian Food Night @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — tonight was Bohemian Food Night.  Good eatin’ and a sweet desert.

DOTS — power blackout — Jericho

Panama food nite

October 30, 2007 4 comments

SJV Panama food nightSJV Panama food nightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today’s theme was “Panama.”  Since there’s only 2 Panamanian seminarians here, a few of us (“honorary Panamanians“) helped Chef Ramon & Chef Randy to cook some great food, drinks and desert from Panama.  They also showed a video on the “Panama Canal.”  Lots of work … lots of Rum … lots of fun … and (again) lots of work. — I don’t know how the staff cooks 3 meals everyday for 70+ of us — God bless ’em!
SJV Panama food night - cooking SJV Panama food night - cooking SJV Panama food night - mixing drinks