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Catholic Cartoon Blog

I ran across this Catholic Cartoon Blog with some “Cartoons based on happenings in the Catholic Church, or in the world at large from a Catholic viewpoint.”  — I added it to my blog roll.

Lots of comments and discussion about the Catholic Church and the world.  Check it out.

volleyball basketball

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

081118_sjvcs-basketball-1SPORTS NIGHT — another awesome Tuesday with volleyball & basketball.  I get so excited about volleyball, that I forget to take any pictures.  Maybe next time.

BLOG STATUS — this is actually my first post this month.  In some extra personal effort to get more engaged in seminary life by staying diligent to my “goals,” especially a Holy Hour everyday, I haven’t had much time to even download my pictures from my cellphone.  Yesterday, with the extension of 2 paper due dates, it gave me some breathing room to get some posts ready (I’ll be backdating them).  — Thank you for all your prayers and support!  God bless & be holy. 

081118_sjvcs-basketball-2 081118_sjvcs-basketball-3 081118_sjvcs-basketball-4

my SJVCS bros Anthony A & Michael H

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Our seminary website here at St John Vianney College Seminary has a new blog that features 2 of my brother seminarians posting “a day in the life” of a seminarian.  Check them out!  Anthony Antuono (2nd Year Sophmore) and Michael Hartley (1st Year Sophmore).


Click their pictures for their blog posts!

renewing my blogging vows

September 21, 2008 1 comment

I haven’t been blogging very much for the first 3 weeks of the new seminary year (and barely any over the summer). I have a stack of outlines and notes of things I meant to blog and journal about, but I just keep putting it off (I guess until I get some “free” time … in seminary? … I must be dumber than I look). It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but I let myself get distracted by “busy” stuff.

There are so many options to do here at seminary. I could go to the community rooms and watch a movie, follow yet another TV series, play games, lounge around with my brother seminarians, play sports, work out in the gym, take a walk (I’m not a jogger), eat the great food and desserts, do some class readings, homework, start writing one of several papers this semester, plan a lesson for Monday Religious Education apostalic work, listen to music, study Scripture, spend time with our Lord in an Adoration Chapel, take a nap, go for a drive, and more and more and more.

Somewhere along the way, I started on the wrong foot and now find myself slowly rising from the floor assessing what happened. Maybe this is a growing pain of seminary “formation” … or maybe my priorities got renumbered and I procrastinated my universe’s perfection. This is a long way of saying I’m lazy!

When I started blogging last May 2007, I wanted to (1) track my discernment journey by forcing myself to acknowledge my life’s details in words that I could look back on to see its growth. I also (2) wanted to keep my closest family and friends to better understand this “mysterious” journey to the priesthood as I’m doing myself. As a extra, (3) I wanted my home parish family of St Bernadette Catholic Church in Hollywood, FL to better understand the journey they’re so supportive of. And finally, in the process of blogging, (4) maybe it could inspire others (strangers) to better understand vocations, discernment, the Catholic Church, etc. That was my perfect plan.

Where am I at now? … My 4 month blogging hiatus has made friends and family ask if I’m still a seminarian. I assured them I still was, but needed a break from something I forgot the “WHY?” for. Even without regular daily posts for past few month, my blog gets an average of 300 visitors a day. Most of that traffic comes from search engines for pictures I include in posts (especially cultural food night pictures) as well as a variety of keywords I identify for each post. Most of that traffic, from what I can tell, is not intended with vocational discernment curiousity. The minority that are have been very encouraging and well responsive on the blog and in personal emails. I appreciate you ALL more than I can express in words.

So what now? … I miss the blogging. It helped me, (forced me), to reflect on my day to see what God has for me. Last year, during a Holy Hour with Miami Auxiliary Bishop Estevez, he related some spiritual direction he received while he was a seminarian. He was told to reflect back on your day and identify points where you saw God’s grace in your life and connect them to “see” the Lord. That advice inspired me to include DOTS in some posts and I don’t usually explain publicly, but have significance to “paint” the day when I go back and read a past post. This weekend’s Day of Reflection Retreat echoed that idea in the first talk. That triggered my re-commitment [to myself FIRST] to quiet the busyness and put my spiritual contact lenses back in every day. Blogging help that and so I’ll get back Catholic Kermit. I’ll start my back-dating some significant posts I’ve been meaning to write as soon as possible to now deny the Lord’s work in my life (despite my own selfish plans). And it starts with this very post! God bless and be holy!

posting delay

March 10, 2008 1 comment

Sorry for the silence for the last couple weeks.  I was having trouble getting my pictures off my cell phone.  Problem solved … so I’ll be backdating my post with my reflections for the last few weeks as I upload everything.

I’m still here … 🙂  This is the last week of classes before Holy Week break.

Today was a day off from classes due to our hectic weekend of Vocation Awareness Weekend where 70 guys from all over Florida came to see what seminary life is like and possibly discern if the priesthood is for them.  Great weekend.  Great guests.  (I was Janet Jackson in the Saturday night skit … but I’ll explain later when I post some pics)

Patience … 🙂  … Be holy … Good night!

2007 blog traffic

December 17, 2007 Leave a comment

This blog (on WordPress) has some easy to use tracking features.  Here’s some blog traffic I’ve had this year, since I’ve started in May, by days, by weeks and by months.
2007 blog traffic - by day 2007 blog traffic - by weeks 2007 blog traffic - by months

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I’m here without wireless

I’m finally at the seminary, but they haven’t given us access to wireless internet in our rooms yet, so I’m on the library computer.  I have some pictures of my new “crib” and some posts I’ve been writing on my computer, and I’ll try to upload (and backdate them) when I get settled in.


[update: Sept 10, 2007]  I’m slowly adding posts from the first 2 weeks of orientation, New Student Experience, as I have some free time.  I’ll backdate them so they stay in order.  

my NEW website ?

July 31, 2007 1 comment

Community ServerSince my webhost (GoDaddy) finally made Community Server 2007 available, I revisited my attempt to create a web community for a bunch of my interests.  A few months ago, I was trying to build some forums on vocations, youth ministry & righteous music, but offers most of what I was envisioning — and their new look is AWESOME.  Plus, I didn’t want to take away from their “Phat Phorum” with 3700 members, over 1 million posts, a “Vocation Station” and very committed to orthodoxy.

But, I still wanted to have a (web) place to post my christian concert & DJ training videos as well as pictures from ministry events (with some control to who can download & view).  Community Server allows me to do all that, plus full featured sections like FORUMS (with moderation & permission controls), DOWNLOADS (for users to post docs, videos, programs, music & more), unlimited BLOGS (for each user, if they’d like), customizable RSS FEED READERS, plus AGGREGATE FEEDS (pull blog posts from anywhere on the net with an RSS feed).

Kermit the Frog on desktopI’m starting to play with it and customize (I even bought a book), but it’s not as easy as it looks.  I’ve posted some photos of desktop wallpapers and pictures from the YES Retreat, but I’m stuck trying to get the RSS FEEDS working.  Since I don’t have the full “Corporate” edition, they don’t offer phone tech support.  I’m left with a book and their help forums.  The program is based in ASP.NET and I may be reaching my frustration limits.

My (crawling) construction job is at  Check it out and let me know what you think.  (and try registering, so I can play with the membership features).  — Anybody?  Kermit?

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MySpaceI started a MySpace page (as CatholicKermit, of course), but didn’t like it because the layouts are so “busy” and lack structure (unreadable backgrounds & fonts, crazy pictures sizes, etc).  Now, I’m finding some friends that use it religiously, so I’m starting to see how easy it makes chatting.

Today, I found a bunch of bands and Christian DJs that I met at the Cornerstone Music Festival Dance Barn, like Scott BlackwellKenny Mitchell, DJ Lorraine, Andy Hunter, the Dance Chapel guy and more.  The band news for some artists is better updated than their official websites.  — I’ll give it another try.      

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WordPress problems

I started blogging for free at WordPress.COM (here) and loved it.  Then I wanted my own domain (easier to find @ and signed up with GoDaddy because it includes free access to various programs, namely WordPress.ORG (which is fee supported).  I wanted the extra customization that comes with WordPress.ORG and loved the extras & widgets & more.  BUT … I’ve been having troubles (see my support questions) and considering giving up.  So I’m back at WordPress.COM until I feel confident enough to go back.  I still have, but I redirected the “blog” to here. 

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I’m back … & leaving

I haven’t been posting for the last week because I’m trying to move my blog from WordPress.COM to my own domain (using WordPress.ORG software) here at  I’ve had problems with extra features and formating and plugins, so I didn’t want to lose any posts.

Anyway, today I found out the Y.E.S. (Youth Enjoying Service) Retreat for high school kids needs a male chaperone, so I offered to help.  It starts tomorrow evening and goes until Sunday afternoon.  3 full days of service projects.  Probably some good blogging topics (about charity), cuz I’m starting to run out of stuff to say.  — Later.

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Pentecost – my blog’s b-day

PhatMass PhorumAs today is Pentecost, I thought I would make a final decision about blog/website.  I’ve been playing with Community Server 2.1, but the blogging is limited and I need to upgrade to get some newer features.  I like the forum, photos and downloads capabilities, but I don’t see anyone using them except for me, especially after seeing the forums on PhatMass.comWOW!  6 years and counting worth of Catholic dialogue.  I wouldn’t want to take away from his efforts (as if I had a chance). 

I like WordPress.COM (simpler & easier to use) more and more as I keep posting.  My webhost gave me access to WordPress.ORG, which has more features and customizations.  I can see it’ll take time to master, but it’s got great potential.  The larger selection of themes alone was overwhelming.  A reviewer wrote “WordPress is the MySpace for intelligent bloggers,” probably because the sky is the limit for customizing, but it will take some effort.  I just hope the work doesn’t kill the joy of blogging. 

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I should “do as I say”

After reading my blog from yesterday about presenting ALL vocations in order to encourage the priesthood, I smiled.  I realized I should lead by example.  This blog may encourage someone to consider the priesthood, but what about the other vocations?  Maybe I could have a forum section (which I could do with Community Server 2.1) for each of the vocations.  Anyone would be able to post questions and answers about any vocation.  A blog is more “I talk, you listen” while a forum encourages more community response and communication.  I’ll look into it.  — Kermit?  Anyone?

Director says “blog OK”

After yesterday’s emailed question to the Vocations Director (if a blog would be OK to do), he wrote back that a blog could be a great way to communicate my vocational journey if done right.  He acknowledged my concern about complications (from any Internet endeavor) that I’ll discuss with him soon.  He mentioned the Vocations Office has a new blog for seminarian on the website that he hopes will grow.

I also found out the next monthly discernment group meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month) would resume back up in September.  That doesn’t sound right.  I missed the last one, so I don’t know why.  I didn’t think discernment takes a vacation (although we’d like it to, sometimes).  Some of the newer guys seemed to just be getting comfortable enough to share & compare their own calls.  I’ll pray for the group tonight.

DID: I spent most of the day replacing a door with my father.  Watched The Office (Women’s Appreciation Day) — that show is getting a little too extreme for a TV comedy.

This blog may be a BAD idea?

The more I think about what I should write in a blog, the more I question if this is a good idea. Although the formation process is very personal (about my own individual experience), it involves the counsel and shared experiences of others (seminarians & priests). Most of life’s great experiences involve others, but seminary life seems unique.

I don’t want to compromise the “community life” of the seminary by others watching what they say to me (because it may get blogged). I take confidences very seriously and I think I would be responsible in keeping others out (for privacy), but it’s hard to establish that trust without time to build true relationships. I may also feel vulnerable that others (in seminary) would know what I am feeling before discovering issues they may have with me.

To top it all off, I should probably ask permission to even have a blog from the vocations director. There may be some parts of the application and/or formation process that are better left private. I emailed the Miami Vocations Director for suggestions. Am I just paranoid?  WWKD ?

Catholic Kermit is born

As a 33 year old guy considering the priesthood, I wanted to blog my discernment to connect with others, especially seminarians, as I grow to better understand God’s will for me. 

I’ve grown up with Kermit the Frog (like most have), but I especially remember elementary school when Fr. Jerry (a ventriloquist) would do sermons at Mass with Kermit & Miss Piggy. He modeled a priesthood that I seek today. 

I use “Kermit” as a model for the priesthood for several reasons:Kermit nod

  • He wears a collar (visible)
  • He’s very reflective (prayerful)
  • He gives good advice (verbal)
  • He leads by example (does the right thing)
  • and he’s an overall great guy!

So as I blog, I want to ask W.W.K.D.? (what would Kermit do)

And hopefully some readers would answer with some “kibitz” 🙂

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