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my NEW website ?

Community ServerSince my webhost (GoDaddy) finally made Community Server 2007 available, I revisited my attempt to create a web community for a bunch of my interests.  A few months ago, I was trying to build some forums on vocations, youth ministry & righteous music, but PhatMass.com offers most of what I was envisioning — and their new look is AWESOME.  Plus, I didn’t want to take away from their “Phat Phorum” with 3700 members, over 1 million posts, a “Vocation Station” and very committed to orthodoxy.

But, I still wanted to have a (web) place to post my christian concert & DJ training videos as well as pictures from ministry events (with some control to who can download & view).  Community Server allows me to do all that, plus full featured sections like FORUMS (with moderation & permission controls), DOWNLOADS (for users to post docs, videos, programs, music & more), unlimited BLOGS (for each user, if they’d like), customizable RSS FEED READERS, plus AGGREGATE FEEDS (pull blog posts from anywhere on the net with an RSS feed).

Kermit the Frog on desktopI’m starting to play with it and customize (I even bought a book), but it’s not as easy as it looks.  I’ve posted some photos of desktop wallpapers and pictures from the YES Retreat, but I’m stuck trying to get the RSS FEEDS working.  Since I don’t have the full “Corporate” edition, they don’t offer phone tech support.  I’m left with a book and their help forums.  The program is based in ASP.NET and I may be reaching my frustration limits.

My (crawling) construction job is at CatholicKermit.com.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  (and try registering, so I can play with the membership features).  — Anybody?  Kermit?

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