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home for Sunshine?

090127_dog-sunshine-pug-beagle-21Tonight, walking thru the neighborhood, a brother seminarian (big B) and I stopped to talk to a neighbor and had a great conversation about the Gospel of John, Samaritans, and resurrection.  We also grew quite attached to her dog, Sunshine.  She’s a 1 year old mix of Beagle and Pug (a “Puggle“) who needs a home, since the owner can’t take care of her anymore.  We’d love to take her, but I figured the complications with that arrangement at the seminary are more headache than it’s worth.

After getting home, I tried brainstorm why we couldn’t have a dog?  It could bite someone.  It’s probably an insurance liability.  Take care of a dog may just add another distraction from formation.  Don’t know?

090127_dog-sunshine-pug-beagle-3It does bring the sacrifices of community life in better focus.  Consideration for the others immediately around us.  We sacrifice one want for another need.  As ministers, we are called to empower others to care for those around us (even pets) instead of trying to “save” others under our own strength.  Give the Spirit the room it needs to work in others … but help get it the spark started.   🙂

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