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back in seminary

This afternoon we were all back in seminary.  Rector’s Conference to get us back on the same page.  Holy Hour with Benediction to get us back in focus.  Spring Semester classes start tomorrow morning!
090104_sjvcs-holy-hour-1 090104_sjvcs-holy-hour-2

brother left

090104_sno-caps-4Upon getting back to seminary from Christmas break, the big surprise to most was one of our brother seminarians leaving formation over the break.  “E” was a Pre-Theology Miami brother (like me) who moved onto another chapter in his life who I already miss (as the house does as well).  Being in seminary does mean you’ll become a priest.  It’s a place of “discernment” toward the priesthood.  It’s something I remind friends and family.  Moments like these remind me, as well.

I’ll keep him in my prayers and try to keep in touch.

I hope I never get used to brothers “leaving.”  It hurts, but even that’s a blessing.

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