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HIGH SCHOOL CONFIRMATION (Sept 2009 – May 2010) — I’m a catechist at St Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Southwest Ranches, FL along with co-catechist Jose (a former seminarian, like me) from Colombia.  We have about 24 teens and they’re a blessing to work with.  Respectful, curious, attentive, responsive and serious about their discernment & preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation on May 15, 2010.

(day 9 — Nov 17)  Grace + Sin + Journaling
(day 8 — Nov 10)  St Ignatius + Prayer + BAPTiSM + ARRR
(day 7 — Nov 3)  Chapter 3 + Old Testament + CCC
(day 6 — Oct 27)  Confirmation Commitment Mass (with pastor Fr Whyte)
(day 5 — Oct 20)  Help with Reconciliation Catechesis (with Fr Chris Bartos)
(day 4 — Oct 13)  Faith + Vocations + St Teresa of Avila
(day 3 — Oct 6)  Chapter 1 + God Positions + St Francis
(day 2 — Sept 29)  “Pop Quiz” + Christians + Saint Projects
(day 1 — Sept 22)  Parent Orientation

7th GRADE PRE-CONFIRMATION (Sept 2009 – May 2010) — I’m also a catechist at my home parish of St Bernadette Catholic Church in Hollywood, FL along with catechist aide Donnie.  We have 20 kids and they’re a variety of blessings as diverse as their personalities.  An awesome bunch!  Lots of energy, curiosity, insightfulness and participation.  This is their first year in a 2 year Confirmation program.

(day 17 — Feb 7)  God the Son (chapter 5)
(day 16 — Jan 31)  God the Father (chapter 4)

(day 10 — Nov 22)  Parent child Jeopardy + Angelus + B.A.P.T.i.S.M. prayer types
(day 9 — Nov 15)  Review ALL previous classes
(day 8 — Nov 8)  Jeopardy Questions + Heaven + Hell + Purgatory
(day 7 — Nov 1)  Like Jesus + Holy + All Saints
(day 6 — Oct 25)  Incarnation + Chapter 1 + God Proofs
(day 5 — Oct 18)  Hats + 3 Birthdays + Vocations
(day 4 — Oct 11)  Prayer Quiz + Lies + Prayerful Heart
(day 3 — Oct 4)  Prayer Share + A.R.R.R.
(day 2 — Sept 27)  P.R.A.Y.S. + Angels + Yom Kippur
(day 1 — Sept 20)  4 Winds Blow + Doxology + Sweet Spots

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIRMATION (Sept 2008 – May 2009) — in my second year in seminary at SJVCS, I was a catechist at St Timothy Catholic Church in Miami, FL with co-catechist Michelle.  We had about 15 kids that were confirmed in May 2009.  An awesome bunch of kids.

7th GRADE PRE-CONFIRMATION (Sept 1991 – May 2007) — I began as a catechist at my home parish of St Bernadette Catholic Church in Hollywood, FL after my own Confirmation there. I worked with the 7th grade pre-Confirmation program for most of that time as well as working with the youth group of the parish, named the F.I.R.E. (Friends In Righteous Experience) Youth Group.


Catholic (free & paid catechist resources) — a great website with lots of free resources and even better ideas and handouts for subscribers. (4 stars!)

Catechist’s Journey (personal blog about an 8th grade catechist) — Joe has been in ministry for 30+ years and shares his journey and resources.  Great site!

Catholic Links Teen Links
Archdiocese of Miami
Office of Youth & Young Adults
Catholic Information Network
One of the earliest major Catholic websites. News, mailing lists, saints, prayers, Church documents and Liturgy.
Catholic News Service
The oldest and largest news wire service specializing in reporting on religion. They are the primary source of national and world news that appears in the U.S. Catholic press.
Mass Times
Find Mass times anywhere in the country. Great for travelers.
The Vatican
Catholic Answers
A major apologetics website. Contains a large number of pamphlet style questions and answers about the Faith.
Catholic Encyclopedia
On-line version of the classic 1913 encyclopedia explaining Catholic doctrines, past and present. Complete text of all articles.
The Florida Catholic
Source for comprehensive news and info about the Catholic Faith and Church in Florida, the Nation and Worldwide. Everyone should have a yearly subscription, only $12.
Saint Joseph Communications
Specializing in providing Catholic education materials on audio and video tape.
Top Secular Music Hit Chart
with lyrics, audio samples & reviews
Youth Specialties

free resources links
Youth Specialties free links
Group Magazine

  1. January 4, 2008 at 9:23 am


    What an interesting blog, good job!

    I was wondering if you would include a link for CatholicTV? Our website is and our programming may be viewed live from this site.

    CatholicTV is based in Watertown, MA and has been broadcasting for over 50 years. We have great programs for all ages.

    You will be in my prayers.

    Bonnie Rodgers

  2. Dianne
    August 29, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Can you tell me what text book you were using for the 7th grade Pre Confirmation class?

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