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Advent is here

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081206_sjvcs-room-lightsWith the busyness of writing term papers and studying for this exam week coming up, it’s easy to forget Advent is here and preparing myself for Christmas.  Also being diligent in keep up with my seminary goals for this semester … prayer … study … community … service.

It’s nice to see “sacramentals” to remind us of something (and Someone) greater than the immediate here and now busyness.  These Christmas lights in a brother seminarian’s room was nice to see today.

Tomorrow is my personal semester evaluation with Rector one-on-one.  — I hope Ligo Orante is praying for me extra hard today 🙂  God bless & be holy!

Liga Orante

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MASS — Fr Manny Alvarez, our Miami Vocations Director, celebrated Mass with a Spanish diocesen ministry called “Liga Orante,” who prays for vocations everyday.  We only get to see them a couple times a year, but it’s always a joy to see our spiritual support team face to face.  — Thank you and God bless!


081206_sjvcs-mass-ligo-orante-11 081206_sjvcs-mass-ligo-orante-41

Christmas Mass + dinner

December 5, 2008 1 comment

081205_sjvcs-christmas-massCELEBRATION — tonight was our Christmas Mass & dinner with faculty and staff. 
Great time with great people! 
The ham was great, too.
And the desserts were good.
And some of the centerpieces caught fire.
And there was wine.
Did I mention the ham was great?
I sat with “Sammy Davis Jr.”
Great time with great people!

[homily started with “Picture comparison” magazine game]

081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-7 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-8 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-2 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-4 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-5 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-9

graduate graces

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081204_pillsbury-cookiesNIGHT PRAYER — our seminary rector asked each class to have their own Night Prayer this week with group reflection on the graces that we’ve been blessed with. Tonight was the graduating class (Seniors + Pre-Theology year 2) in the McCarthy House Chapel. It wasn’t only great to express thanksgiving for graces I’ve noticed (especially in my 2nd year of formation), but to hear the graces that others have noticed helps me to recognize other graces that I’ve also received, but unable to “name” or appreciate. It was yet another grace-filled event in seminary.

Thank you, God bless you, and be holy!

DOTS — “Evangelicals” club @ World Religion class … graces of sacraments @ Pre-Theology seminary … gato y abuela @ dinner … freshly baked cookies afternoon + evening

Equadorian food night

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081202_sjvcs-equadorian-food-night-3CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — tonight was food from Equador.  Good eatin’


Syro-Malabar Qurbana Mass

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081202_sjvcs-mass-syro-malabar-qurbana-3MASS — in our appreciation of other Catholic Rites, today we celebrated Qurbana (Mass) in the tradition of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, which our own Fr Joseph was ordained in.  The servers have more reading parts, the priest face away from the people during consecration, we stand through most of Mass, and shaking hands is different (two hands together, like prayer, with a bow).  A great experience in appreciation of our diverse yet universal Catholic Church.