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Advent is here

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment

081206_sjvcs-room-lightsWith the busyness of writing term papers and studying for this exam week coming up, it’s easy to forget Advent is here and preparing myself for Christmas.  Also being diligent in keep up with my seminary goals for this semester … prayer … study … community … service.

It’s nice to see “sacramentals” to remind us of something (and Someone) greater than the immediate here and now busyness.  These Christmas lights in a brother seminarian’s room was nice to see today.

Tomorrow is my personal semester evaluation with Rector one-on-one.  — I hope Ligo Orante is praying for me extra hard today 🙂  God bless & be holy!

my room

Some pics of my room.
dorm room dorm room dorm room closets dorm room sink