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Rector’s Conf – isms

Tonight’s “Rector’s Conference” was the 2nd part in a series on Reason, Formation and Relationship with Christ.”  I’m slow at taking down notes, so I welcome corrections or addition.

Atheism vs Theism chart (NOT FROM THE TALK)I.  Intro:  Acts 14:8-18 & Romano Guardini

II.  Atheism vs. Theism
          A.  Alasdiar MacIntyre
          B.  Neitzsche & Kierkegaard
          C.  John Paul II

III.  Rationalism vs. Fideism / Reductionism vs. Dualism

IV.  Reason, Faith and the Beyond

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  1. August 8, 2011 at 3:40 am

    I like the representation. For me – What differentiates atheism from theism is in finding a creative loving purpose in and beyond the the world. What differentiates agnosticism from gnosticism is finding that same creative loving purpose in one’s inner self.

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