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movies – Greeks & 3 Amigos

MASS – (Fr Joseph) — Today’s gospel was the parable of “the ten virgins” with lamps awaiting the bridegroom — 5 were foolish (unprepared) and 5 wise (constantly ready).  We are called to constantly be alert, prepared and ready for what the Lord has in store for us. 

Philosophy with Fr SantosMODERN PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — Quiz today was 15 true & false question with tricky wording.  We reviewed the events of the time that contributed to the Modern Philosophy.

ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — Quiz today was listing philosophy’s “3 major concerns” and “4 major problems” with short explanations.  We discussed “2 ways of understanding” with lots of subcatagories that wrap around my notes.

Me trying to stay awake during a long movieCinema RoomARTS & IDEAS – no Fr Vallee today (vacation) — but we watched a 2.5 hour PBS special on “The Greeks, the Cradle of Civilization” in the cinema room.  We took a break for lunch and finished in the afternoon.

Acolyte practiceACOLYTE TRAINING — the new guys were oriented for serving Mass or reading this afternoon.  I’m serving as Acolyte a the end of the month and haven’t served Mass since 6th grade.

EVENING – watched “The 3 Amigos” — remembering the “singing bush,” “the invisible swordsman” and their trademark demonstration (of a hernia exam).

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