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Christmas Mass + dinner

081205_sjvcs-christmas-massCELEBRATION — tonight was our Christmas Mass & dinner with faculty and staff. 
Great time with great people! 
The ham was great, too.
And the desserts were good.
And some of the centerpieces caught fire.
And there was wine.
Did I mention the ham was great?
I sat with “Sammy Davis Jr.”
Great time with great people!

[homily started with “Picture comparison” magazine game]

081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-7 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-8 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-2 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-4 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-5 081205_sjvcs-christmas-dinner-9

  1. maureen
    December 27, 2008 at 3:49 am

    Caught fire? You say that so casually. Ye gads! Was anybody singed in the process? I’ve heard of being “on fire” for God, but this is ridiculous 🙂 In the 2 photos of the centerpieces on this page, it looks like there’s a huge lightbulb at the top of the candles (and your page is snowing). At the closing, you all sang “You light up my life,” right? I know, no “flaming” allowed (har har).

    You asked for our two cents’ worth, and so I snuck in here. I’m a middle-aged lady living in a Catholic time-warp. Wow, do you get to watch TV, or what? I went through a “Waaah, why didn’t I become a nun, and now I’m too old?” phase, but now I’m perfectly happy that I’m not one because I like my memory-foam mattress, as opposed to sleeping on hard boards with stone pillows and not wearing socks in the snow.

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