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volleyball basketball

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

081118_sjvcs-basketball-1SPORTS NIGHT — another awesome Tuesday with volleyball & basketball.  I get so excited about volleyball, that I forget to take any pictures.  Maybe next time.

BLOG STATUS — this is actually my first post this month.  In some extra personal effort to get more engaged in seminary life by staying diligent to my “goals,” especially a Holy Hour everyday, I haven’t had much time to even download my pictures from my cellphone.  Yesterday, with the extension of 2 paper due dates, it gave me some breathing room to get some posts ready (I’ll be backdating them).  — Thank you for all your prayers and support!  God bless & be holy. 

081118_sjvcs-basketball-2 081118_sjvcs-basketball-3 081118_sjvcs-basketball-4

Colombian food night

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-09CULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — Tonight was Colombian food night.  I forgot what everything was named, but it was all good, especially the dessert of banana in sweet orange sauce.  Also showed some videos about Colombia … first one is sweet … second one is funny with lots of movie clips involving Colombia … check them out.

081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-08 081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-01 081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-03 081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-05 081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-06 081118_sjvcs-colombian-food-night-10 

Colombia is Passion

Colombia: Are you willing to take the risk?  (funny)