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SJV pre-Theology program

The website for St. John Vianney College Seminary has a new look.  It loads kind of slow, but looks pretty cool.  I got excited when I saw the “tour of the chapel” because I thought it would give a detailed explanation of the mural above the altar (like they did at “Vocation Awareness Weekend”), but all it has is 3 close up pics of the front.  — still better than the old sight.

Nevertheless, I finally know my courses for the 2-year Pre-Theology program (below) that I’m in.  They also have the details of the Collegiate (4-year) program, news & a calendar for next year.  — looks good. 

SJV Pre-Theology program

Miami seminary – part 2

St. Raphael ChapelAfter my last post, I got a response from a former student at St. John Vianney Seminary High School in the 1970’s.  He hosts a website to track former students and faculty to see where they are now.  He has some great historical info and pictures about the campus.  Apparently, the school used to teach young men in 9-12 grade from 1959 to 1975.  It has some great pictures of St. Raphael Chapel (pictured here) from the 40th Anniversary in 1999.  —nice.