Watch “93: Pope Francis The Dictator? —Dr. Henry Sire” on YouTube

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Edward Feser on 5 Proofs for God

September 2, 2018 Leave a comment

A great interview with Edward Feser by Ben Shapiro regarding atheism, his reboot of the 5 proofs for God and lots more.

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Watch “Sermon on the Scandals: the Archbishop Viganò Report” on YouTube

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Pope Francis must resign

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Watch “Episcopal Sodomy: Gay Seminarian Pipeline” on YouTube

I hope and pray this is not true or exaggerated. The truth needs to come out so we can confess, accept responsibility, discipline and begin healing the Church. Those of us who love the Church hate to hear about our family being abused but we want to do whatever we can to embrace the cross, restore trust and go back to participating with the will of God to be the true light in the darkness. What can I do to help the Church?

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The Pennsylvania Bomb

A faithful Catholic layperson’s reaction to the latest sex abuse crisis in the Church.

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November Rally for the Catholic Purge

Wife & I just signed up.

It’s the least we can do. The Church needs to purge itself to stay holy. All victims of sexual abuse should be turning TO the Church for healing — not be in fear of the Church for predators & complacency.