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New Miami Archbishop Wenski!

April 20, 2010 2 comments

Today was announced that Miami Archbishop Favalora is retiring and the new bishop will be Orlando Bishop Thomas Wenski starting on June 1, 2010.  WOW! I’ve been praying for Bishop Wenski for years, with hopes that he would return back to his “home” diocese of Miami.  He was an auxiliary bishop here for years before becoming bishop of Orlando in 2004.  I don’t think they could have found a better candidate.  He has always been a strong advocate for the Haitian community.  He’s fluent in Creole, Spanish, English and (of couse) Polish (my background as well).  He will be welcomed with open arms by everyone, I’m sure!

I suspect we will see some changes with new Miami Archbishop Wenski, but not right away.  From discussion from my fellow seminarian friends from Orlando, I get the impression that Bishop Wenski is a very dynamic bishop that challenges and demands a lot from his priests.  Our diocese has challenges, just as all do, so I hope the transition is well received and fruitful without the need to totally “new wine skins.”

“When I was in Orlando, I used to tell the priests that I would not ask them to work harder than I did. To the priests of Miami, I say the same. And priests do work hard – and our people do appreciate that; and, they have every right to expect that: not that we burn ourselves out but that we burn ourselves up with love for them and for the Lord.” — Archbishop Designate Thomas Wenski

Thank you Archbishop Favalora for your loving Fatherhood to us all and welcome home Archbishop Wenski!

God bless & stay holy!

Today’s statement from Miami Archbishop John C. Favalora
Today’s statement from new Miami Archbishop Designate Thomas Wenski
Archbishop Designate Thomas Wenski history (Curriculum Vitae)
Coat of arms for Orlando Bishop Wenski

In this season of Confirmations, here is a great homily by Bishop Wenski at a Confirmation Mass.

Miami Catechetical Morning 2009

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Today was the annual Archdiocese of Miami Catechetical Morning 2009 at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, sponsored by the Office of Religious Education.  It drew about 400 catechists from all over the diocese to celebrate our essential ministry as catechist of the Catholic faith.

The morning began with morning prayer and some words of thanks and encouragement from Archbishop Favalora.

The keynote speaker was also encouraging as well as enteraining.  Sister Carol Cimino, a Sister of St. Joseph of Rochester and consultant for the William H. Sadlier publishing company.  Her talk was titled, “I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did.”

At lunchtime, we could browse the various displays of resources from various Catholic companies.  Respect Life was well represented as well with lots of resources for all ages.  I especially like the poster of “The Facts of Life” and the hand-held figurines of a 3 month old in the womb.

Lunch was tasty and affordable for those that chose to stay on campus.  A footlong hotdog or ham n turkey sandwich with chips or “cookie” and drink for about $5-6.  During lunch, I also had a close encounter with a butterfly.

After lunch, the second speaker was Sue DeFerrari, retreat director of the Morningstar Renewal Center retreat house in Miami.

There’s a good article on the Florida Catholic website about the event as well.

Miami Jubilee Vespers + Primum Regnum Dei

September 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Tonight, at 4:30pm, the Miami Seminarians were at St Mary’s Cathedral in Little Haiti for Vespers (evening prayer) and a special recognition awards service started by Bishop Carroll called Primum Regnum Dei.


Miami vocation monstrance pilgrimage begins

Miami Vocation Monstrance @ St Mary\'s Cathedral @ VespersMiami Vocation Monstrance @ St Mary\'s Cathedral @ VespersToday begins a 2 week pilgrimage in the Archdiocese of Miami of a monstrance blessed by Pope John Paul II to encourage vocations, especially in this Golden Jubilee year.  It starts today at the Cathedral and travels to a different parish each day, ending on Sunday April 20 here at St John Vianney College Seminary. (flyer with all location here — pdf Acrobat file)

Today at 4pm, we were at St Mary’s Cathedral for Vespers (Night Prayer) with benediction & adoration with the visiting vocation monstrance.  A great sermon by Archbishop Favalora with a memorable exit (wave).

Liga Orante + Little Flower + Big Cheese

January 19, 2008 Leave a comment

MASS – (Archbishop Favalora) — 11am Mass was a special occasion for Liga Orante, a Spanish group that supports & regularly prays for vocations.  They also presented the Archbishop with a $12,500 check for St John Vianney College Seminary (where I’m at).  Afterwards, we had lunch.  — I also served Mass as incense thurifer … not my best work

Little Flower ParishCONFIRMATION RETREAT — from 1-6pm, four of us seminarians (1 from Diocese of Orlando & 2 from St Petersburg) assisted a Confirmation retreat at Little Flower Parish in Miami (nearby).  Since the retreat was in progress since 8am, we walked in during a great talk by a young woman about chastity.  She also sang a song that she wrote at age 16 for her future husband.  [It reminded me of Rebecca St James’ song Wait For Me.]  Afterwards, talks on vocations started with a married couple, then a single woman, religious sisters and each of us seminarians shared our vocation journey to the 60+ eighth graders.  Then, visiting priest Fr Juan Carlos Paguaga (pastor of St John Bosco Parish) led an awesome adoration & benediction service that we served at.  To close the retreat, we had a lively 5pm Mass.

Big Cheese pizza, Miami, FLBig Cheese pizza, Miami, FLMIAMI SOCIAL — most of the Miami seminarians were at Immaculate Conception Parish in Hialeah.  Fr Francisco “Paco” Hernandez invited us all to their 5pm Mass and have dinner. 

BIG CHEESE — after the Confirmation Retreat, I joined some St Petersburg guys (from the retreat) at the Italian restaurant Big Cheese on a rainy evening.

Family Day + StB

December 16, 2007 Leave a comment

2007 SJV Miami Family Day MassMIAMI FAMILY DAY — today, Archbishop Favalora hosts all the Miami seminarian & their families for a Mass & luncheon.  We started the morning with a seminarian group picture in our black suits (for a vocation poster) at ~9:45am.  I served as “cross bearer” for the 11am Massby the grace of God, I didn’t fall over with that heavy 2-piece cross.  The Archbishop have a great sermon including family support and after Mass gave all the servers a “ring blessing.”  After Mass, we had a great lunch.
2007 SJV Miami Family Day Mass 2007 SJV Miami Family Day Mass 2007 SJV Miami Family Day Mass  2007 SJV Miami Family Day Mass 2007 SJV Miami Family Day Mass

Canolli & Apple CakeHOME PARISH — later in the afternoon, at my home parish St Bernadette (in Hollywood, FL), I joined the RCIT class for their Christmas party and served with incense with Mgsr Strano.

MOVIE The Nanny Diaries with Wendy’s & canolli.

vocation Mass + Jubilee Rosary + 4 movies

December 8, 2007 Leave a comment

2007 SJV Miami vocations MassVOCATION MASS – (Fr Manny) –the Miami seminarians were asked to serve this morning for a special vocations Mass on this feast of the Immaculate Conception. Afterwards, we helped serve refreshments outside the Main Chapel.

JUBILEE ROSARY – (Archbishop Favalora) — 7pm tonight was a Rosary with the Archbishop during this Jubilee Year Celebration of the Archdiocese of Miami here at our Main Chapel @ St John Vianney College Seminary. Beautifully done.
2007 Miami Jubilee Rosary 2007 Miami Jubilee Rosary 2007 Miami Jubilee Rosary 2007 Miami Jubilee Rosary
MOVIE DAY — today, I watched 4 movies throughout the day … The Muppet Christmas CarolBack To The Future The 5th ElementRat Racewith L-Wendy’s & D-McNuggets … I have no explanation 🙂
The Muppet Christmas Carol Back To The Future The 5th Element Race Race

St John Neumann + Jubilee Vespers

MASS – (Fr Michael) — Today was our monthly Sunday parish visitation.  This week was 11am Mass at St John Neumann Parish in south Miami.  All 64 of us seminarians were in the front rows in our black suits in a beautiful parish (tour of their parish on their website here).  The homily highlighted the lives of both Pope John Paul II and the founding Archbishop Coleman Carroll.  We stayed after Mass to talk with parishoner and were treated to lunch.  — A great experience.  Special thanks to Fr Carmelo Romanello for concelebrating the Mass.
St John Neuman Parish - Fr Carmelo St John Neumann - altar St John Neumann - choir St John Neumann - lunch St John Neumann - stations of the cross St John Neumann Parish - Fishers of Men

JUBILEE VESPERS – (Archbishop Favalora) — today is the 49th birthday of the Archdiocese of Miami and the beginning of a yearlong celebration leading up to the 50th Jubilee of our diocese.  At 4pm, the Miami seminarians joined Vespers (evening prayer for Liturgy of the Hours) at St Mary’s Cathedral led by the Archbishop.  It was a beautiful service with clergy, religious and laity from all over the archdiocese praying vespers with cantors, organ & choir. 
St Mary’s Cathedral - front St Mary’s Cathedral - front St Mary’s Cathedral - organ & choir St Mary’s Cathedral - fountain St Mary’s Cathedral - homily St Mary’s Cathedral - Archbishop exit

pre-T house blessing

September 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Archbishop Favalora blessing the groundsToday, the Rector’s staff met with the Board of Trustees, who are mainly the bishops of Florida.  Just before lunch, we had all the Pre-Theology guys and bishops at the 2 new off-site housing locations (1 block away) to be blessed.  The picture I took of Rector Fr Michael and Archbishop Favalora blessing the grounds was located in the shared back yard of both duplexes.  There’s still some detail to take care of (like adding grass), but the new residences look great.

Nuestra Senora de la Caridad

September 8, 2007 1 comment

Caridad Mass - frontToday, there was no morning Mass since we went to the University of Miami Convocation Center for a special Mass for the 40th Anniversary of the Shrine to Our Lady of Charity.  The seminarians were called upon to assist each priest with distribution of Holy Communion.  The responsibility was a bit intimidating at first (with such a big crowd), but everything went smooth, by the grace of God. Here are some pictures:

Caridad Mass - banners Caridad Mass - statue procession Caridad Mass - crowd 

Priest Ordination Today

2007 Miami OrdinationToday, I was at the Cathedral for the ordination of 4 new priest to the Archdiocese of Miami.  It was AWESOME!  Since I’ve never been to one, I thought it would just be a long Mass with the Archbishop and lots of people that I’ve never met before.  Well, it was all of that, but way cooler!  The organ music, choir, 150+ priests, layout of the Mass, the applause, the families, the … EVERYTHING was a emotion-filled worship experience that can’t be put into words.  It was surreal.  I didn’t feel worthy to sit in the 5th pew (behind immediate family with other seminarians) to participate in such a celebration with all those priest and faithful united in the Eucharist.  I especially liked Archbishop’s homily and how each of the 150+ priest laid hands in prayer on each new priest followed by a hug.  It was powerful!