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NFP vs Contraception, 7 skits

As I was looking for videos about IPF, I ran across these short skits about the difference between Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Contraception.  These skits were used for a final project by seminarians at IPF for the course on Christian Spirituality & Sexuality.  Finding these skits is God’s Providence (a “God-incidence”) since our high school Confirmation class is asking a lot of questions about Catholic Matrimony, birth control and their Catholic identity.  — Check them out!

NFP vs Contraception #1:It’s about the relationship

Contraception, does NOT need to communicate about their fertility

NFP, (1) DOES need to communicate (which builds the relationship),
(2) doesn’t have to worry about fertility altering chemicals (that could hurt your chances of getting pregnant even when you stop taking pills,
(3) doesn’t have to worry (as much) about a “testy” wife from hormone manipulations,
(4) doesn’t have to worry about a decrease in libedo (sexual desire)

NFP vs Contraception #2, “It takes two.

NFP, (1) builds trust and imtimacy with the greater need for communication,
(2)  experience a full self-giving to each other (not holding back their fertility),
(3)  statistically, couple doing NFP stay together longer, less divorce.

NFP vs Contraception #3, “It’s natural.

Contraception introduces a couple to chemicals, while NFP is natural (the way God’s designed us), so it’s healthier.

NFP vs Contraception #4, “Know the facts.

Contraception is potrayed in the media more than NFP. 
is taught in churches around the world.  Even some Protestants practice NFP.
The facts can be lost.

NFP vs Contraception #5, “Demand the whole story.

Contraception may come with divorce, abortion, infertility, and mysogyny.  The media can minimize these possibilities.
NFP may come with life-long marriage, health, love, and respect.

NFP vs Contraception #6, “It’s not a tough choice.

Contraception is the answer of many to poverty in third-world nations.  Sometimes it is a prerequisite before food is sent to those countries.
NFP works when it is taught and practiced (even in third-world nations).  The only agenda is God’s design for human beings.

NFP vs Contraception #7, “Know the consequences.

Contraception is recommended by doctors or ailments not related to fertility.  Just because it help one thing, does not mean it doesn’t have side-effect elsewhere.  Everyone knows it’s real purpose.
Get the facts.

Confirmation Retreat revisited

February 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Confirmation Retreat skitConfirmation Retreat skitBack at my home parish, the 8th grade Confirmation kids (some were my CCD kids from last year) had an evening of reflection as a follow-up to their 2-day Confirmation Retreat last month [my previous blog post about it].  The schedule was pretty simple.  After 6pm Mass (which I served at), pizza on the deck, a great skit (see pictures) about Jesus bridging the gap in the face of temptations, a personal witness talk by a teen, small group debrief (“What’s happened since the Retreat?”), and some large group reflections (that I couldn’t stay for) to close.  The kids definitely wanted to be there.  A great sign of their Confirmation journey.

Gaudeamus skit + gifts

December 14, 2007 Leave a comment

ARTS & IDEAS – (Fr Vallee) — last exam & turned in reflection paper on “Amadeus highlighting the Modern Period”

SJV Gaudeamus 2007 skit @ St John Vianney College SeminaryGAUDEAMUS — There’s a tradition at the seminary, called Gaudeamus, where a skit is performed to make fun of seminarians.  At the end of the first semester, all new guys are highlighted.  At the end of the second semester, seniors are highlighted.  Since I’m a “new guy,” over the last week, guys are asking what I think they “have on me.”  I have no idea — hopefully nothing that will haunt me throughout seminary.  After dinner at 9:30pm, we all gather in the Community Room for the “show.”  Just when I think I’m safe, the FIRST guy that comes out is “ME” — making fun of me taking fruit (if that’s all the got, I dodged that bullet!).  The whole skit was hillarious with great impressions, including the Rector Fr Michael, Fr Santos, Fr Vallee, & Bishop Noonan. 
SJV Gaudeamus 2007 skit @ St John Vianney College Seminary  SJV Gaudeamus 2007 skit @ St John Vianney College Seminary SJV Gaudeamus 2007 skit @ St John Vianney College Seminary 

Christmas gifts 2007 @ St John Vianney College SeminaryChristmas gifts 2007 @ St John Vianney College SeminaryCHAPEL GIFTS — Our last activity together (besides tomorrow’s morning Mass) was Night Prayer in the Chapel.  Afterwards, each class presented their Christmas gifts to their chosen priest and the Rector’s staff presented each of us with a gift — a SJV personalized messenger bag — AWESOME!