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Matrix acolyte + Vietnamese food + choir tryouts

Seminarian alter serverMASS – (Fr Joseph) — the homily story was the “2 brothers’ grain exchange,” but more importantly (to me), today was my first time serving as Acolyte.  I haven’t been an alter server at Mass since 6th grade 20 years ago … so I was nervous.  Since I didn’t have a cassock & surplice, one of my seminarian brother gave me an extra cassock (black robe) he had and I borrowed a surplice (white top) from another brother.

Matrix Neo dodging bulletsHere’s what I can remember (that I haven’t repressed): everything went well, until I presented Fr Joseph with the water & wineI forgot to take the tops off! … and had to fumble around on the alter to get them open (--I don’t know how my heart restarted).  If that’s not enough … after the Eucharistic prayer, when I tried (important distinction) to get up from kneeling, I forgot to pull up my cassock, slipped (repeatedly) and fell back like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix.  I thought everyone saw me, but later found out few noticed.  —learning the hard way. 

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — our first test was 36 multiple choice questions.  I know I missed the 3 about names of specific Vatican documents (– didn’t see those coming).  Then we covered various Biblical translations and the history of our Canonical books of Scripture.

Vietnamese Food NightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — Today was “Vietnamese Food Night”  — with some Vietnamese carrot cake for dessert?

CHOIR TRYOUT — all new guys were required to tryout for “Escoela,” the choir that practices on Wednesday nights and sings at Sunday Mass and special events.  —la-la-lA-LA-LA   [I didn’t make it — found out Wed morning — ok by me]

TV — watched the season opener of “The Unit

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