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pre-Socratics – Luther – service – Shrine

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Monday started out-of-whack without morning Mass (because we’re going to the Shrine tonight).  — lots of Laboring done today.

MODERN PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — we continued from the Rhineland Mysticism (late Mid-Ages) through Martin Luther (1483-1546).  As I start digesting some of this stuff, my thoughts and slow “question-generator” are interupted by others’ quick comments & questions.  I know I’m slow with the processing, but at least Wednesday will be a “question-day.”  I need to remember to look-up Meister Eckhart and his doctrines.  We got back our True/False Quiz from Friday.  10 out of 15 is not good — but some of those were tricky.

ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — we covered 8 pre-Socratic philosophers like Thales of Miletus, Anaximenez, Anaximander, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Parmenides, Zeno, & The Atomists (Democritus & Leucippus).  We got back out Quiz from Friday.  10 out of 10 — I need to enjoy it while I can … they WILL get harder.

ARTS & IDEAS – no Fr Vallee today, still on Labor Day vaction  — must be nice.

Novena Mass @ Shrine of Our Lady of CharityMINISTERIAL METHODS – (Fr Michael) — we reviewed the definition of “ministry” and discussed the broader call the “service” that all ministers should have.  We were given Colossians 3:12-23 to meditate on throughout is week with Lectio Divina.  — what is holding me back from having a true heart of service?

LECTURE AUDIOS – I recorded today’s 3 lectures on my mini digital audio recorder.  It took a while to figure out how to convert the big WAV format to MP3, but I finally found a way to normalize & convert to MP3 @ 24kps.  I also put copies in a Lecture folder on my Shared Docs in case someone else from class wants a copy. 

8pm MASS @ Shrine of Our Lady of Charity – we carpooled for a Mass ending the Novena to Our Lady of Charity.  A beautiful spanish Mass in a beautiful shrine.  We each received a Papal blessing & picture of Pope Benedict XVI.  Trying to understand the spanish homily only reminded me to finish studying for an eleven chapter Spanish test in the morning.