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300 – refuse external trappings

September 4, 2007 2 comments

MASS – (Fr Santos) — Leonidas and Xerxes discuss surrenderIn today’s readings, Jesus speaks with “authority” to both preach and heal.  Fr Santos (in his first Mass at SJV) began his homily by using the movie 300 to stand firm in beliefs and not be dependent on outside influences.  He used the scene where Xerxes (Persians king) offers Leonidas (Spartans) money and power to surrender.  Leonidas stood for principles of country, honor & his people — he refused external trappings.  The Greek word for “authority” is “exusia” and means “from within your own being” which Jesus did everything by (as opposed to Rabbis and prophets who prefaced what they said with footnotes).  In seminary, we’re call to focus on our own individual call (from within) to preach and heal with the “authority” of the true priesthood found in Christ Jesus.  — I pay attention to any point made using a cool movie.

SPANISH 2 – (Dr Jimenez) — If “failo” means “to fail,” then I “failo” the test (needs past PRETERITE form – which I don’t know either) of the first 11 chapters of our spanish book (which was taught in Spanish 1).  I over-studied last night to the point it all mixed into zero usability.  Of all my classes this semester, I will need to put extra effort into Spanish.

tuna burgerLUNCH — we had tuna burgers.  I’ve never heard of one and took a picture.   — it was good

OLD TESTAMENT – (Fr Michael) — we learned methods of studying Scripture — Fundamentalist, Historical-Critical, Human Sciences, and Contextual approaches.  Need to read chapters 3 & 4 for next week.

EVENING PRAYER — a major lightning strike (nearest to me nonetheless) in the middle of prayer scared the life out of all of us.

VIRUS ATTACK — as I’m writing this post, my computer got attacked by a virus on my Shared Documents folder.  — 2 scares in the same day.