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OLD crib

October 31, 2007 Leave a comment

rainbow over St Raphael ChapelThis morning, on the way to breakfast, we saw a FULL RAINBOW over the main Chapel.  What’s at the end?  Probably the new Pre-Theology “off-campus” housing that we’re moving into TOMORROW, weather permitting.  I took some pictures of my current shared quarters.
St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami - dorm room St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami - dorm room St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami - dorm room St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami - dorm room view St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami - dorm room a/c

acorn + Halloween

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MODERN PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — Hume on “causality” (3)

ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — acorn seed (potentiality) vs tree (actuality)

HALLOWEEN PARTY — pumkin carving contest, bobbing for apples, pie (spagetti) eating contest, & costume contest.  Great! 

Panama food nite

October 30, 2007 4 comments

SJV Panama food nightSJV Panama food nightCULTURAL FOOD NIGHT — today’s theme was “Panama.”  Since there’s only 2 Panamanian seminarians here, a few of us (“honorary Panamanians“) helped Chef Ramon & Chef Randy to cook some great food, drinks and desert from Panama.  They also showed a video on the “Panama Canal.”  Lots of work … lots of Rum … lots of fun … and (again) lots of work. — I don’t know how the staff cooks 3 meals everyday for 70+ of us — God bless ’em!
SJV Panama food night - cooking SJV Panama food night - cooking SJV Panama food night - mixing drinks


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OkraMODERN PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — Hume on the “world” — what is “okra“? — describe it

ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY – (Fr Santos) — Aristotle — modes of “being”

DOTS — roomie

“book” + clay ashtray – “J”

October 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Lion King - father & sonMASS – (Fr Michael) — the main Chapel was FULL today for the “Father & Son” retreat for Columbus High School nearby.  I was serving with “Book,” which means a lot to do, but I did alright.  The homily was, not surprisingly, about the relationship between Father and Son (with a “clay ashtray).

NIGHT PRAYER — baseball hats – lost a seminarian today [J]

Divine Mercy Mass

October 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Divine MercyMASS — today, the Miami seminarians were asked to serve/join Miami Auxiliary Bishop Estevez’s Mass for the spanish Divine Mercy Conference going on this weekend including some Sisters from Polish Saint Faustina’s order. A beautiful service. — I left my camera phone in my room … the pictures would have been nice.

Serra Club dinner

October 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Serra Club dinner - foodSerra Club dinner - foodTonight, 13 of us Miami seminarians helped the Serra Club fundraising dinner near Coral Gables.  Fr Vallee and Chef Ramon cooked a dynamic 2 course meal with desert for $$$ per plate.  Auxiliary Bishop Noonan and Vocations Director Fr Manny were present to thank all who gave toward the funding efforts for the new Pre-Theology housing that the seminary recently purchased.  We helped with parking (in the rain), serving food, cleaning, washing dishes, drying dishes and ate some “costly food.”  — Lots of work … and lots of fun … brotherhood in action!
Serra Club dinner - Fr Vallee & Chef Ramon cooking Serra Club dinner - washing dishes Serra Club dinner - drying dishes Serra Club dinner - Hobbit house Serra Club dinner - Hobbit house