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cross – MVP – goals

MASS – (Fr Santos) — today I was alter serving Mass with the “Cross,” which means I carry the cross, assist with alter preparations and assist with “washing of the hands.”  [Note to self: on exit, run before every leaves without me.]

Soccer - waiting for the ballSoccer - beginningSOCCER — After “Spiritual Direction,” I went out to watch the second soccer game and was crowned “Soccer MVP” for “ball-boy” running all over the back parking lot for soccer balls.  I couldn’t stay for the end of the game since “Archdiocese of Miami” brothers had a meeting.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES — today was the deadline for turning in “Personal Goals & Objectives” for this year.  We need to set a general “goal” and at least 1 “objective” for each to improve in each of the 4 areas:  Spiritual (improve prayer life), Human (be more communal), Academic (improve my Spanish), and Pastoral (assist my brothers more)