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Major Minor Day + sick

January 17, 2008 Leave a comment

I was still pretty sick today (missed Mass & morning class), but by the afternoon, I felt better and wanted to get involved in the special event today.  Today, we host Major Minor Day, where the seminarians from St Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary (major) join us here at St John Vianney College Seminary (minor) for fellowship, soccer, food and prayer.
Major Minor Seminary Soccer Major Minor Seminary Soccer Major Minor Seminary Soccer Major Minor Seminary Soccer Major Minor Seminary Soccer Major Minor Seminary Soccer

We started with a tour of the new Pre-Theology houses (off campus) to rub in what they didn’t have (and still don’t) when they were here.  Then we played an awesome game of Minor vs Major soccer where we destroyed them with a final score of 6-1Solomn evening prayer @ 5pm followed by wine & cheese and ending in a great dinner feast with fellowship.  — A tradition I hope they continue 

soccer finals

November 18, 2007 Leave a comment

SOCCER — the 4 team soccer season ended today.  2 championship games at 1 & 2pm.  Great games & a great time.

ten piedad + soccer + lawn movie night

October 11, 2007 Leave a comment

SPANISH 2 – (Dr Jimenez) — Spanish mid-term on chapter 12.  — “Senor profesor, ten piedad de nosotros, por favor!”

SOCCER — with the stressful exam week, we had an evening of soccer (non-tournament) after dinner and played until we couldn’t see the ball anymore.  — I was ball boy, again
soccer night soccer night soccer night

lawn movie nightWALK-IN MOVIE NIGHT — 8pm tonight we had a different kind of movie night for our last evening together before the weeklong “Mid-Semester Break.”  We laid out on the grass & watched “Norbit” projected onto a wall outside.  — Great idea!  Need more OFF!

cross – MVP – goals

MASS – (Fr Santos) — today I was alter serving Mass with the “Cross,” which means I carry the cross, assist with alter preparations and assist with “washing of the hands.”  [Note to self: on exit, run before every leaves without me.]

Soccer - waiting for the ballSoccer - beginningSOCCER — After “Spiritual Direction,” I went out to watch the second soccer game and was crowned “Soccer MVP” for “ball-boy” running all over the back parking lot for soccer balls.  I couldn’t stay for the end of the game since “Archdiocese of Miami” brothers had a meeting.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES — today was the deadline for turning in “Personal Goals & Objectives” for this year.  We need to set a general “goal” and at least 1 “objective” for each to improve in each of the 4 areas:  Spiritual (improve prayer life), Human (be more communal), Academic (improve my Spanish), and Pastoral (assist my brothers more)