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Pentecost – my blog’s b-day

PhatMass PhorumAs today is Pentecost, I thought I would make a final decision about blog/website.  I’ve been playing with Community Server 2.1, but the blogging is limited and I need to upgrade to get some newer features.  I like the forum, photos and downloads capabilities, but I don’t see anyone using them except for me, especially after seeing the forums on PhatMass.comWOW!  6 years and counting worth of Catholic dialogue.  I wouldn’t want to take away from his efforts (as if I had a chance). 

I like WordPress.COM (simpler & easier to use) more and more as I keep posting.  My webhost gave me access to WordPress.ORG, which has more features and customizations.  I can see it’ll take time to master, but it’s got great potential.  The larger selection of themes alone was overwhelming.  A reviewer wrote “WordPress is the MySpace for intelligent bloggers,” probably because the sky is the limit for customizing, but it will take some effort.  I just hope the work doesn’t kill the joy of blogging. 

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