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I AM a seminarian!

Congrats Father ChrisToday I got the letter. — I’ve been accepted into the Archdiocese of Miami priestly formation program.  I guess my psych results came back “negative” … or is that “positive” … whatever they are, they have been fully warned about me … and still let me in … (there must really be a priest shortage!)

Now I need to finish steps 7 thru 490.  I still need a physical, blood work, background screening, a letter of recommendation from my pastor (Fr. Dalton), among other things.  I also need to be at the new priest ordination next Saturday at the Cathedral.  And (I don’t remember this mentioned at all) the following Monday thru Wednesday I need to go on a 3 day retreat called the Seminarians’ Convocation after celebrating Mass and having dinner with the Archbishop.  Apparently, if I can do all that (and not explode), I can start the formation process (or be the Matrix Architect).

Cool.  (— once it really hits me, I’ll probably have more to say.)

Kermit?  any words?