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Director says “blog OK”

After yesterday’s emailed question to the Vocations Director (if a blog would be OK to do), he wrote back that a blog could be a great way to communicate my vocational journey if done right.  He acknowledged my concern about complications (from any Internet endeavor) that I’ll discuss with him soon.  He mentioned the Vocations Office has a new blog for seminarian on the website that he hopes will grow.

I also found out the next monthly discernment group meeting (usually the first Tuesday of the month) would resume back up in September.  That doesn’t sound right.  I missed the last one, so I don’t know why.  I didn’t think discernment takes a vacation (although we’d like it to, sometimes).  Some of the newer guys seemed to just be getting comfortable enough to share & compare their own calls.  I’ll pray for the group tonight.

DID: I spent most of the day replacing a door with my father.  Watched The Office (Women’s Appreciation Day) — that show is getting a little too extreme for a TV comedy.