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This blog may be a BAD idea?

The more I think about what I should write in a blog, the more I question if this is a good idea. Although the formation process is very personal (about my own individual experience), it involves the counsel and shared experiences of others (seminarians & priests). Most of life’s great experiences involve others, but seminary life seems unique.

I don’t want to compromise the “community life” of the seminary by others watching what they say to me (because it may get blogged). I take confidences very seriously and I think I would be responsible in keeping others out (for privacy), but it’s hard to establish that trust without time to build true relationships. I may also feel vulnerable that others (in seminary) would know what I am feeling before discovering issues they may have with me.

To top it all off, I should probably ask permission to even have a blog from the vocations director. There may be some parts of the application and/or formation process that are better left private. I emailed the Miami Vocations Director for suggestions. Am I just paranoid?  WWKD ?

Am I a seminarian yet?

I’m starting this blog a little premature. I don’t even know if I’m in yet, as a seminarian at St. John Vianney College Seminary. If I’m accepted, I would be entering as Pre-Theology since I already have a BS degree. Since the application process seemed to go pretty well, I pray for the best.

In February, I turned in the application and a 9 page autobiography (actually 12 pages, but I dropped the line spacing to not exceed the 8-10 page requirement — I’ll mention that at confession next time). After that, my 3 independent interviews with priests on the vocation panel seemed to go well. My only remaining concern was the results of the 3 days of psychological testing. If there was nothing wrong with me before the testing, I’m sure they’ll find some PTSD from the application process or maybe something I can’t even have, like Munchausen by Proxy (it just sounds cool). Those pictures I was asked to draw can’t mean anything good. 🙂

The committee met at the end of April and I’m just waiting to hear the results. Since the Archbishop came to do Confirmation at my parish last Saturday, I went hoping to introduce myself and get a hint, but that didn’t happen. I’d have a better chance to meet the President than to speak to Archbishop Favalora during a overflowing Confirmation Mass. (It’s these moments that I question my own judgement.)

WWKD ? … probably “Be patience (not so) young patowon.” — (“yeah, yeah, I know.”)