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Catholic Kermit is born

As a 33 year old guy considering the priesthood, I wanted to blog my discernment to connect with others, especially seminarians, as I grow to better understand God’s will for me. 

I’ve grown up with Kermit the Frog (like most have), but I especially remember elementary school when Fr. Jerry (a ventriloquist) would do sermons at Mass with Kermit & Miss Piggy. He modeled a priesthood that I seek today. 

I use “Kermit” as a model for the priesthood for several reasons:Kermit nod

  • He wears a collar (visible)
  • He’s very reflective (prayerful)
  • He gives good advice (verbal)
  • He leads by example (does the right thing)
  • and he’s an overall great guy!

So as I blog, I want to ask W.W.K.D.? (what would Kermit do)

And hopefully some readers would answer with some “kibitz” 🙂

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