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Convocation ‘07 – Authenticity, beach, Mass

After morning prayer & breakfast, we had talk by guest speaker and counselor Ana Pando on the topic of “Authenticity.” I first thought it would be real abstract, but now I wish I took notes because it was very good, especially with all her real-life examples.  I guess the main point I got was to be “true to self.”  In practical terms, I remember her illustrating “authenticity” by avoiding “blaming, hiding & denying,” but instead, “take responsibility, admit mistakes, and make health choices.”

Convocation 2007 beach MEConvocation 2007 beachConvocation 2007 beachWe had lunch (pizza) at the beach in Key Biscayne.  The weather was beautiful until we started playing volleyball.  That’s when it not only started raining (south Florida is in a drought), but gail-force winds picked up and then it poured, forcing all of us into the pavillion for shelter.  We suddenly remembered the Archbishop’s prophecy last night (about praying for rain) at dinner and laughed.  It was like the Apostles at Pentecost in the upper room remembering Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit.  Hearing it and believing it are not always connected.  Nevertheless, we waited for a break in the storm (probably the Archbishop taking a break from prayer) to get back to the retreat house to rest.

The newly ordained priests came to celebrate evening Mass with all of us.  I especially remember the homily by the new Fr. Lucien Pierre highlighting our attitude of “gratitude” is a reflection of our fruitful praylife.  As we grow in the Lord, we recognize and thank God for all our blessings, and especially our “priesthood” as a blessing that brings us joy and reflects Christ to His Bride (the church).  He inspired all our “brothers and sisters.”  🙂

St. Agnes Men’s Emmaus GroupConvocation 2007 dinner 1Convocation 2007 dinner 2Convocation 2007 dinner 3
Dinner was sponsored and served by St. Agnes Men’s Emmaus Group and was so good I had to take pictures.  We had carrot soup, tilapia (fish) and an ice-cream & fruit cocktail for dessert.  It was delicious!  After dinner, we were free to fellowship some more.  End of day #2.

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