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Samsung Alias 2

samsung-alias-2-comboI used a overdue upgrade credit toward a new cell phone replacing my beloved 4 year old Motorola E815 that I’ve been using to take virtually all my pictures throughout my time in seminary and posted on this blog site.

I don’t text very much and didn’t really consider a keyboard phone, but the Verizon store had a Samsung Alias 2 on display that I couldn’t stop looking at.  Even though the buttons are smaller then I’m used to, there’s lots of them for quick access to everything and their functions change several ways with a QWERTY Magic keypad.  I miss the round dial that I’m used to (that I believe the Alias 1 had), but the extras seem to make up for it.  The camera is a 2 megapix (compared to my 1.5), but is a big difference.

I like it a lot.

Walk for Life + shooting

January 26, 2008 2 comments

Walk for Life @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLWALK FOR LIFE — this morning, we had a full Chapel for Mass with Auxiliary Bishop Noonan since today was the “Walk for Life” here at St John Vianney College Seminary in Miami, FL.  The walking route was basically from the Main Chapel to the front gate around the Reflection Pond (the view from the gate can be seen in my blog header picture at the top looking toward the Main Chapel).  Lots of participant, especially kids from local schools.  — Great day to support life

DOTS — PsYcHoTiC — “sit” — Second Life — home

Shooting range targetCLOSE CALL — on my cellphone, I received a picture of a shooting range target with the text, “Check me out. First time at shooting range!”  It wasn’t signed (like most friends do), so I started wondering who would wish me harm, especially since they did pretty good for their first time.  After finally tracking the phone source, I was relieved to find it was my sister [or maybe I should be more concerned :)] — close call, my own “Pro-Life” experience!