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Samsung Alias 2

samsung-alias-2-comboI used a overdue upgrade credit toward a new cell phone replacing my beloved 4 year old Motorola E815 that I’ve been using to take virtually all my pictures throughout my time in seminary and posted on this blog site.

I don’t text very much and didn’t really consider a keyboard phone, but the Verizon store had a Samsung Alias 2 on display that I couldn’t stop looking at.  Even though the buttons are smaller then I’m used to, there’s lots of them for quick access to everything and their functions change several ways with a QWERTY Magic keypad.  I miss the round dial that I’m used to (that I believe the Alias 1 had), but the extras seem to make up for it.  The camera is a 2 megapix (compared to my 1.5), but is a big difference.

I like it a lot.

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