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1 ugly man in heaven

MASS – (Fr Joseph) — Today’s Gospel was full of parables: “Lost Sheep,” “Lost Coin” & “Prodigal Son.”  The homily story was “The Ugly Man in Heaven.”  The destroyed “Chris-notes” version to jog my memory is this:  Gabriel reads each Commandment … violators are sent to hell … by the 6th commandment, only 1 Ugly Man is left … Heaven will be lonely, so God lets everyone back in … to the upset of the Ugly Man (who was worth).  The closing point: “His mercy endures forever.”  — Amen.

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  1. Texas sister
    September 19, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    I actually had this past Sunday off and got to go to chuch. The pastor’s homily in regards to the “Lost” parables…the church is the “Lost and Found” department. I thought it was a good comparison. Oh, and he used props for the homily, and ironically enough, his lost sheep got lost between the two morning services. He wondered if God was smiling at that?
    Miss you!

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