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golf cart labor Jefes + Bishop’s Day Off

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WORKLIST — On Wednesday afternoons we all have a Work List Job that involves some kind of manual labor around the seminary campus.  The job changes each semester. 

This semester, I’m the Work List Coordinator Assistant (that’s why I can’t drive the golf cart).  My job changes depending on the needs of all the areas of work but looking cool in a golf cart is the most important job description.  : )


BISHOP’s DAY OFF — With all our work we’ve done over the last couple weeks, and most especially yesterday’s celebration for Bishop Noonan’s 25th Priestly Anniversary, we were given a DAY OFF under special dispensation by the Bishop himself … which is this Friday! We LOVE our Bishop Noonan!  (not just for the day off, but that’s nice too!) 

legendary “Tree of Vocational End” @ SJVCS

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Here at St John Vianney College Seminary (Miami, FL), there is a beautiful and gigantic tree outside the Library building with a legend attached.  Apparently any seminarian that has tried to climb the tree has left the seminary [and not become a priest].  I’m not one for superstitions, but knowing that now may make the tree a temptation during a time of spiritual “desolation” or just on one of those “stressful” seminary days that forces the question, “Why am I here again?”  I hope I don’t do something that extreme [and immature] to actually consider an avenue of “vocational suicide” in a moment of weakness.  Fortunately for me, I have a long walk to that “tree” from the Pre-Theology houses … and I know my fellow brothers are there to keep me from “myself” in those moments.  — Thank God today is a “good” day  : )   lol