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Senior projects — day 1

2008 Senior Projects @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLToday was day 1 of 2 of the presentation of Senior Philosophy Projects.  15 minutes each.  9 seminarians.  [Worklist & Holy Hour cancelled today].  Topics included (if I wrote them down right?):

  • (George) Play on Words
  • (Jose) The character “Hector” in the Illiad & Odyssey
  • (Krem) Just War Theory
  • 2008 Senior Projects @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL(Carlos) Virtue of Justice
  • (Sergio) Dialogue with Cultures by Pope Pius XI
  • (Eddy) Happiness
  • (Elvis) Dialogue of Catholic Church with Liberalism
  • (Dom) Nietchze
  • (Robinson) Charity in St John Vianney

Étienne Gilson + Honest to God + simplex priest + Cylon

Étienne GilsonAQUINAS – (Fr Vallee) — mainly discussed Étienne Gilson (of 20th century) converted to Neo-Thomism … concluded that the metaphysical conclusion of Descartes only make sense in light of Thomas Aquinas.  (#2) Also proved there is no single common philosophy inherent in medieval theologies … hence, debunks the pure crystal stream theory and opens the way for pluralism of Vatican II and Fides et Ratio(#3) He reads Thomism as an authentic existentialism … opposed essentialism of Maritain.  (#4) He strongly opposes the separation of theology and philosophy, as practiced by moderns, hence Fides et Ratio.

Philosophy can be authentically Christian and still be philosophy, an idea which perhaps even Heidegger does not accept.  Theology is not irrelevant to the work of philosophy … it is relevant to knowledge of God and Man.

[extras: Gospel of Oprah + J’s Pulp FIction + project purgatory]

CONTEMPORARY PHIL – (Fr Santos) — continuing John A. T. Robinson’s Honest to God.  God as “ground” … “religionless” Christianity … “demythologization” of Scripture.

Cylon Centurion from Battlestar GalacticaMEDIEVAL – (Fr Vallee) — final essay questions on Augustine & Aquinas (aporia, metaphysics, ethics, epistemology) + manualism + simplex (Mass) priest + book of conclusions + William of Ockham + a reverse mermaid

EVENING TV — some classic Battlestar Galactica on (new episode every Wednesday).  A quote from episode 11, The Young Lords (1978) … Cylon Centurion: “These Humanoids are not well constructed.  They damage easily.”  Starbuck’s response, “At least we don’t rust.”  — a Cylon after Nietzsche own heart(less)