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Winter Jam Christian concert

CONCERT — the WINTER JAM 2008 Christian concert tonight at the University of Miami Convocation Center.  It featured MercyMe (praise & worship), BarlowGirl (rock), Skillet (hard rock), and newer groups like NewSong (praise & worship), Group 1 Crew (hip-hop) and Mandisa (vocalist).  I met up with the youth group of my home parish who got a bus full of kids.
Winter Jam 2008 in Miami, FL

After Group 1 Crew (hip hop good enough for me to buy their CD).  An extreme BMX Skate Team did some stunts (for Jesus, I guess) followed by Mandisa (from American Idol).  Then came NewSong, Skillet, BarlowGirl and finally MercyMe.
Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FL
Winter Jam Christian concert in Miami, FLIn between acts were speakers (like Tony Nolan), an altercall, and financial pleas for poverty and supporting more of these events.  Hooking people with a $10 ticket price, making the concert into a “ministry,” then suggesting to write a check for $100 or $1000+ (if you’ve been “blessed”) to a crowd 90% children and then praying to respond to what God really wants you to do.  We should be encouraging our sacrificial financial gifts to go to our accountable local churches for self-less causes, not independent “ministry” companies that entertain.    — shameless, but good performances

  1. February 4, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    No shame. No hook. We just need help to do the ministry. We ask we dont require. Did you know that there were many that got into that night for free? It is a great night and many people were helped including those who were away from our great God and those who are in His Church and needed a fresh touch and encouragement. God bless you all and I pray that this hurting world would be touched by you all.

    Tony Nolan

  2. Timm Allen
    March 9, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Wow….our youth group is going to East Lansing this afternoon. We’ve gone the last two years at the Dow in Saginaw. True, Tony did speak longer last year…caused us to be late getting home…moms and dads weren’t too happy with the delay. Maybe the ministry needs to realize that the “music” is the ministry. Let’s the artists do the talking and sharing. Maybe Tony or those like him need to take a break. Just a thought.

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