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MorningStar Renewal Center

January 3, 2008 1 comment

MorningStar Renewal Center in Miami, FLOur 4-day silent retreat was at the beautiful MorningStar Renewal Center in Miami, FL (7275 SW 124th Street).  We were 60+ seminarians (2 per room) and very comfortable.  The place is run entirely by volunteers and the food was excellent.  Here are some pictures of the facilities & grounds. 
MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - parking lot MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Chapel MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Dining Room MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Dining Room  MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Lounge MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Overhang MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Bedroom MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - Bedroom MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds MorningStar Retreat Center, Miami, FL - grounds

4 day silent retreat

Tonight begins a 4 day silent retreat off-campus from the seminary at MorningStar Renewal Center in Miami.  I’ll be back Sunday afternoon.  Be blessed.  Be holy. 

Jesus? + tomacco + retreat starts

Bart eating TomaccoMASS – (Fr Michael) — feast of “Most Holy Name of Jesus.”  Homily was a reminder of 2 questions that we were asked at the beginning of the school year.  Deceptively simple … but not easy to answer (if you’re honest).  (1) Do you believe in Jesus?  (2) Is your life different because of it?  … Yes … ummm … I think so … ummm … retreat time! 

DAY DOTS — breakfast Tomacco — newspaper — 11am Rector Orientation — lunch [pan] spill — book sale — TV Hauntings

practical atheism

On the first day back to seminary after a 2 week Christmas break, the Rector Fr Michael had a Rector’s Conference disguised as an “Orientation Meeting” with some great points to think about as we begin a 4 day silent retreat tonight.

Beware of “practical atheism” when we say our prayers … and don’t live them.

Christianity is a lifestyle, not just an idea.  C.S. Lewis quote: For when you get down to it, is not the popular idea of Christianity simply this: that Jesus Christ was a great moral teacher and that if only we took His advice we might be able to establish a better social order and avoid another war?” [from chapter 23 of Mere Christianity]

Pope Benedict XVI quote on priesthood:

The priest must be a believer, one who converses with God. If this is not the case, then all his activities are futile. The most lofty and important thing a priest can do for people is first of all being what he is: a believer. Through faith he lets God, the other, come into the world. And if the other is not at work, our work will never be enough; When people sense that one is there who believes, who lives with God and from God, hope becomes a reality for them as well. Through the faith of the priest, doors open up all around for people: it is really possible to believe, even today. All human believing is a believing-with, and for this reason the one who believes before us is so important. In many ways this person is more exposed in his faith than the others, since their faith depends on his and since, at any given time, he has to withstand the hard-ships of faith for them….

There is a mutual given-and-take in faith in which priests and lay people become mediators of the nearness of God for one another. The priest must also nurture the humility of such receiving in himself ….

The first “task” a priest has to do is to be a believer and to become one ever anew and ever more. Faith is never simply there automatically; it must be lived. It leads us into conversation with God which involves speaking and listening to the same degree. Faith and prayer belong together; they cannot be separated. The time spent by a priest on prayer and listening to Scripture is never time lost to pastoral care or time withheld from others. People sense whether the work and words of their pastor spring from prayer fabricated at his desk.  [Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, from A New Song for the Lord, tr. by Martha M Matesich, NY: Crossroad Publishing Co., 1996, and quoted in Magnificat for Holy Thursday, March 24, 2005.]

[Other links not mentioned todayThe Nature of Priesthood (1990 speech by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) … Pope Benedict XVI’s Homily to Seminarians in Cologne: “If You Abide in Christ, You Will Bear Much Fruit” (August 19, 2005 World Youth Day Meeting)]

According to St John of the Cross, few will have an ecstacy prayer experience.  Opening poem of his Dark Night of the Soul [insert here].

Ended with a guided meditation, “Feed my sheep.”