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Ocala + Tampa beach wedding + petting zoo + “trust Jesus” skywriting

I spent the weekend with some friends in Ocala as well as a beach wedding in Tampa.  Did a Petting Zoo called Uncle Joe’s(?) Farm.  On the way home, I caught a shot of some skywriting “TRUST JESUS.”  — Great weekend


I’m Mr “Procrastinator”

May 26, 2007 1 comment

Since I need to replace a dead hard-drive, I started reviewing what’s taking so much space on my other hard-drives.  Most of my disk space is taken up by vacation videos I “haven’t got around to” edit yet.  I know I procrastinate, but this is ridiculous.  I have vacation videos from 2003 I haven’t edited yet, not to mention Cornerstone 2004, Cornerstone 2005, 2 trips to the Holyland in Orlando, and more.  Since I work best under pressure, I should promise to finish editing all video before going on any vacation!  But I don’t want to put that in stone just yet.  — Let me think about that one.

vacation or not

Some friends wanted to go on vacation to various places like Cornerstone festival, ALIVE festival, whitewater, caving, etc.  I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to over the next few summer because I think the Vocation Director assigns summer pastoral work.  They may even send me to Mexico or the Dominican Republic if I don’t learn Spanish well enough.  I think I’m free next summer, but after that, who knows.  I’m leaning toward the ALIVE festival in Ohio, mainly because I’ve never been.  — But I’m easy.

Vacation before death

After telling several friends and family about my acceptance, I’ve had several suggestions and offers of things to do before “it” starts.  Some include taking a vacation to Dallas, the Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois, the ALIVE festival in Ohio, whitewater rafting, and even a bachelor party. It’s starting to sound more like “it” is a permanent vacation to the “Pet Farm” that Fluffy and Spot don’t come back from.  … or maybe I really don’t understand the whole seminary and priesthood experience yet.  Prayer and patience.

Kermit?  anyone?