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darkness falls + care pack + volleyball

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

DARKNESS FALL on us during Evening Prayer right before dinner.  The winds picked up and there was an erie feeling in the air.

One of our Brother’s Mother made snack care packages for all 60 of us seminarians.  Thank you!

Volleyball was tonight.  Foot injury during basketball.


care packages from IL kids + LOST 9 ball

great dinner @ St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FLSEMINARIAN CARE PACKAGES — After dinner, the Rector randomly gave out a dozen Easter cards written by some elementary school kids from Illinois.  They also contained gift certificate cards in them, for gas and more.  — WOW … blessings all the way from Illinois … thank you (even though I wasn’t a lottery winner).  🙂

DOTS — worklist (McCarthy House) — worklist 2 (clean our Pre-The house) — Holy Hour (Fr Michael) — brother seminarian’s father dies (CL) — 9 Ball (3 losses) — LOST S2.7n8

care package

Muppets season 2Busy day with 3 classes, worklist (mopping floors) and Holy Hour before a good pork – baked potato – kolleyflour dinner.  Watched the new Pushing Daisies series and some Bionic Woman.  Even with all that, the best part of the day was …

“CARE PACKAGE” — Yeah!  Some “The Office” stuff, summer vacation pictures & the 2nd season of “The Muppets” on DVD.  — life is way too AWESOME!  Thank you, caring stranger!

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