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prayer is trust, not clarity + Mother Teresa + Kendall Payne

I was looking for a video of Kendall Payne performing her song “Pray” to go along with my post last February.  I was not disappointed!  Here is a video of per performance at a church.

She tell the story of a man asking Mother Teresa to pray for him.  Check it out …

A great song by Kendall Payne (one of my favorite Christian vocalist) that focuses on what real prayer is all about, appropriately titled “Pray” from her latest album, “Grown.”  Light guitar, soft vocals, profound meaning, worth posting:

I will pray for you now, for you have been my faithful friends,
While the road we walk is difficult indeed.
I couldn’t not ask for more than what you’ve already been,
Only that you would say these prayers for me.

May your heart break enough that compassion enters in,
May your strength all be spent upon the weak.
All the castles and crowns you build and place upon your head,
May they all fall, come crashing down around your feet.

May you find every step to be harder than the last,
So your character grows greater each stride.
May your company be of humble insignificance,
May your weakness be your only source of pride.

What you dooo unto others,
May it all be done to you.
May you meeeet the One who made us,
And see Him smile when life is through.

May your bleeessings be many,
But not what … you hoped they’d be.
And when you looook upon the broken,
May mercy show you what you could not see.

May you never be sure of any plans you desire,
But you’d learn to trust the plan He has for you.
May your passions be tried and tested in the holy fire,
May you fight with all your life for what is true.

I have prayed for you now all my dear and faithful friends,
But what I wish is more than I could ever speak.
As the way wanders on I’ll long to see you once again,
Until then, would you pray these prayers for me?
Oh, that you would praaay for me.

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