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Faculty Lunch – bad cannoli

Today was the first time we got to wear our “formal” black suits (every Sunday) for Mass.  Archbishop Favalora came to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit with us.  With another engagement shortly afterwards, he couldn’t stay for our “Faculty Luncheon,” but he did take a picture with all the Miami seminarians (I hope I can get a copy to post here).

cannoli with citrus fruitThe “Faculty Luncheon” was very nice — great food, fancy tablewear, and Faculty announcements with presentation of the Dean’s Awards.  My only complaint was dessert.  I got excited when someone said we’re having cannolis, but after getting one, I noticed it had pieces of citrus fruit in it — that’s a first.  The only thing I’ve had in a cannoli is chocolate chips — they’re great.  But citrus?  — it was ok, but a bit disappointing

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