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Gesu – Bayside – The Invasion

Gesu Church in downtown MiamiGesu Church in downtown Miami In order to give the returning men room to get settled, the new men took a social trip to downtown Miami via Metro-Rail.

GESU CHURCH — our first stop was 12:05pm Mass at Gesu Church in downtown Miami, the oldest church in the Miami area, established by the Jesuits.  It’s a beautiful church and the Mass was celebrated by Fr Michael & Fr Alvarez & (the pastor) Fr Alvarez.

BaysideDowntown MiamiBAYSIDE — afterwards, we walked to Bayside, had lunch and shopped for most of the afternoon.  We met at the “big tree,” saw the “One Man Band,” and walked by the “Torch of Friendship” that JFK had made with all the Latin American countries (except Cuba was missing?).  — it was hot 
Bayside tree Bayside - One Man Band Bayside - Torch of Friendship 

EVENING — since the returning men were starting their Day of Recollection retreat tonight, we were kindly asked to “leave the seminary” and not to come back before 11pm — nobody argued with that.  Most of us went to the Dolphin Mall to see a movie.  Since most of the movies we were interested in were sold out or at late times, I recommended (probably for the last time) “The Invasion,” an aweful movie choice.  I don’t expect anyone to take my suggestions after that one.  We still had a good time afterwards.  

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