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Y.E.S. D4: Dancing?

Usually, on the last night of a retreat, nobody can sleep.  Well, after 4 days on the Y.E.S. Retreat, this was no exception.  Most got involved in an interesting version of “So You Think You Can Dance?” to grooves by Mixmaster “Upsidedowny” on the laptop.  Since I only had 15 minutes of videotape left, I saved it for tomorrow’s Mass.  I think that was God’s plan.  🙂

NOTE:  MASTER LIST of all Y.E.S. events & video status HERE.

YES Nite Hall CamI found a 2 minute video clip (accidentally recorded on my memorystick) recorded by “Esmerelda” in the hallway at night just before lights out.  I think they’re playing “Mission Impossible” or mountain climbing???  WARNING:  If you get motion-sickness, this is not the clip for you.  (12 MB in size)  

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