A priest begs forgiveness for withholding the Eucharist: “We abandoned you.”

April 3, 2021 1 comment

Tenebrae wonder and awe?

I caught our 3 Stooges mesmerized by a chanted Tenebrae service in perfect formation on the couch. Is it all the candles or the chanting? Maybe they’ve been meowing in Latin all this time? I am late to recognize many Cat-holic things in my life.

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Week 2 @ SSPX Traditional Latin Mass

February 9, 2020 Leave a comment

Week 2 at traditional Latin Mass at Our Lady of Victory, SSPX parish in Davie. Their announcements mentioned that here & their Miami sister parish are growing. Throat blessing after Mass as well. St. Blaise, pray for us. A rooster called out my arriving lateness & double-parking job.

My 1st SSPX Latin Mass, with Candlelight service

February 2, 2020 Leave a comment

My first time at an SSPX 7:30am Mass @ Our Lady of Victory Catholic Chapel. Traditional Latin Mass with a Candlelight service to celebrate the Presentation of Jesus & Purification of Mary in the Temple. Mass began with blessing of candles & procession AROUND THE BLOCK near Griffin Road & Davie Rd Exit. Very reverent procession and Mass. Appropriate homily and no jokes. Just Jesus, salvation history, grace and Mary. Feel very blessed. (and Denny’s after 🙂

Watch “Bishop Barron on “Bird Box”” on YouTube

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Watch “NEWS UPDATE: Fr. Mark Goring vs. Fr. James Martin” on YouTube

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Watch “This might get me fired – Fr. Mark Goring, CC” on YouTube

November 18, 2018 1 comment

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Watch “Plague in Priesthood: Vigano vs. Lavender Mafia” on YouTube

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Watch “Attending My First Latin Mass” on YouTube

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Watch “93: Pope Francis The Dictator? —Dr. Henry Sire” on YouTube

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Edward Feser on 5 Proofs for God

September 2, 2018 Leave a comment

A great interview with Edward Feser by Ben Shapiro regarding atheism, his reboot of the 5 proofs for God and lots more.


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Watch “Sermon on the Scandals: the Archbishop Viganò Report” on YouTube

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Pope Francis must resign

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Watch “Episcopal Sodomy: Gay Seminarian Pipeline” on YouTube

I hope and pray this is not true or exaggerated. The truth needs to come out so we can confess, accept responsibility, discipline and begin healing the Church. Those of us who love the Church hate to hear about our family being abused but we want to do whatever we can to embrace the cross, restore trust and go back to participating with the will of God to be the true light in the darkness. What can I do to help the Church?

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The Pennsylvania Bomb

A faithful Catholic layperson’s reaction to the latest sex abuse crisis in the Church.


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November Rally for the Catholic Purge

Wife & I just signed up.

It’s the least we can do. The Church needs to purge itself to stay holy. All victims of sexual abuse should be turning TO the Church for healing — not be in fear of the Church for predators & complacency.


Church needs an Exorcism


… The crisis we face arises from both human weakness and sin, but also demonic activity of the Enemy of the soul.

I ask each and every one of you, individually, before your upcoming November meeting, to perform a Rite of Exorcism over your respective dioceses, or, if you are the Auxiliary or Emeritus Bishop to take part. If you are non-episcopal Administrator, invite a bishop to do it. Whether you decide to do this privately or publicly, please – just do it.

In addition, during the November meeting, together as a body, go to the National Shrine of Our Lady and perform a Rite of Exorcism over the whole nation.



(some quotes from article:)

It is time for clergy and laity to begin a movement for the purification of the Church. The shameful sexual sins and crimes of clergy—including cardinals, bishops, and priests—can no longer be tolerated. Tolerance is precisely what has allowed these problems to multiply for decades and persist up to today.

As Fr. Thomas Berg recently explained, the issue is sexually active priests and bishops. In the main, the persistent problem is with homosexually active priests.

Bishops and priests should be holy, they must pray for it, and with the help of grace, strive for it.

When priests habitually commit mortal sins, they lose their zeal for the gospel, they become numb to the truth of the Eucharist’s holiness, and they water down the doctrines of the faith. This leads to many other infidelities, and to a kind of pastoral despair.

(5 good points are detailed in the article)

Hand-wringing and pious platitudes won’t fix things. It is time to confront the real problem with courage and sobriety.

Watch “Scandal in the Church” on YouTube

A homily with great perspective on the latest revelation of the Church scandal regarding the bishops’ handling of sexual abuse.

NPR apology over Easter

This was written by an NPR reporter that claims to be Catholic. NPR apology even sites all his “Catholic” education.

This is why Catholic formation is the greatest needed in the Church today.

If you can’t explain all the errors in this description of the most fundamental core of Christianity, check yourself into a parish RCIA program.

Be sure its a real Catholic RCIA program that can explain the truth and not allow someone to receive Catholic sacraments until they can as well.

If Catholics can’t discover, affirm, live, defend and evangelize the fullness of truth, then who will?


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