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special effects left 4 God

EASTER VIGIL @ Cathedral 8pm — a beautiful and event-filled Mass with lots of pictures (’cause it’s the last time I’ll be serving at it).

090411_easter-vigil-04 090411_easter-vigil-06 090411_easter-vigil-08 

090411_easter-vigil-11-bellsSometime during the second reading, the power went out and we had to adjust rather quickly.  It was decided to cut out the “bells” (my job) during the singing of the Gloria because it may drown out the singing if the microphones and organ have no power.  Aside, Javier predicted the power would come back when I ran the bells.  I laughed it off until the power actually DID come back during the singing of the Gloria … so … the lights would have come back during the ringing of the bells!  … A wise seminarian reflected on the event after Mass and concluded it was a sign to remind us that “God is in charge of the special effects.”  — Amen!   🙂

090411_easter-vigil-10-black-out 090411_easter-vigil-12-gloria 090411_easter-vigil-13-incense-yamil 090411_easter-vigil-17-gospel 090411_easter-vigil-18-servers 090411_easter-vigil-19-nick 090411_easter-vigil-20-book-water 090411_easter-vigil-21-candle-crew 090411_easter-vigil-23-lemon-crew 090411_easter-vigil-24-lemon-crew 090411_easter-vigil-26-after-mass 

Beautiful Mass.  The Lord has Risen, Halleluia!

[Note: the last picture fulfills Ryan’s prophecy: “Don’t let Chris take your picture, or it will end up on his blog.”  — to complete an evening of fulfilled prophecies … 🙂 ]

last minor serving

CATHEDRAL — Since I’m graduating from St John Vianney College Seminary (minor) in Miami, FL and (God-willing) moving onto major seminary of St Vincent DePaul Regional Seminary in Boyton Beach, FL … I wanted to take a lot of pictures while serving my last “minor” Cathedral Mass on the Easter Vigil

Here is us seminarians getting vested in our cassock & surplice before Mass.
090411_easter-vigil-01-vesting 090411_easter-vigil-02-vested1

As “cross“, my first serving duty was to hold the tray for the Easter Candle blessing.  The items included nails, a knife, tongs for the charcoal fire, and a personalized candle for Archbishop Favalora (that Hector had something to do with).

here comes the sun


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